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What is a Conference Call?

A conference call is basically a telephone call in which several people can talk to each other at the same time. Also known as teleconference (TC), this call is dedicatedly tailored to allow a called party to either participate in the call or merely listen to it. As the conference call is conducted over phones and not in-person, this makes it a highly preferred option for virtual business meetings. It offers a great way of connecting with your workforce without meeting them face-to-face.

How does a Conference Call work?

As a conference call involves multiple participants in it, the calling party is responsible for adding participants to the call. However, participants can also join the conference call on their own by dialing a number that seamlessly connects them to a conference bridge. The conference bridges are specialized equipment that acts as virtual rooms for connecting several people (through telephone lines) to join meetings. While most conference calls are hosted online nowadays, but in absence of an internet connection landlines can be used.

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What are the essential components of a conference call?

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What are the types of conference calls?

Best practices for conference calls

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Conference Calls: FAQs

A conference call is a telephone call in which a caller can speak with multiple individuals at the same time without meeting them in person. It is mainly used for conducting business meetings virtually.  

  • Start by dialing the first call, and let the recipient pick up your call.
  • Click on the Add Call button.
  • Now dial another number and wait for this recipient to pick up.
  • Click the Merge Call button.
  • Repeat the above steps for adding more callers to your conference.

By offering a toll-free conference call, the host is primarily responsible for shouldering any call costs for the participants. Thus, participants don’t need to worry about any racking up minutes or even long-distance charges. So the calls are completely free for the participants in such cases.