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Gather insightful feedback using a best-in-class web survey tool by Voxco. Reach out to your target audience anytime you want by creating advanced web surveys!

Collect actionable responses to required customer, employee, market, brand, and product questions by leveraging a comprehensive web survey tool by Voxco. No matter if it’s a simple questionnaire or an in-depth research project, Voxco web surveys have got you covered! Create state-of-the-art web surveys with powerful logic, advanced question types, and intuitive visuals. Get in touch with respondents anywhere, anytime via omnichannel web surveys powered by Voxco!

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What is a web survey?

A web survey (also known as an internet survey) is a method used for data collection where a set of questions is shared with a sample of people over the internet and they respond to it over the world wide web. The web surveys can be conducted over mediums like email, website pop-ups, social media, etc. In the case of a web survey, the respondents use a web browser for answering the questionnaire and their responses get stored in a web-based database. 

In today’s time, organizations prefer using robust web survey software for implementing a web survey. This empowers them to gain effective insights and actionable feedback related to their new products or services, updates in marketing strategy, revamp of existing features, etc. With the inception of the internet and technology, every business relies on the data gathered and analyzed through web surveys for making the required changes in their overall functioning.

How to distribute web surveys?

Through Email

The most popular and widely used method for distributing a web survey is through email. An email can be scheduled for sending a web survey to both existing customers and prospective clients. This method is considered to be highly effective for collecting accurate survey responses.

Through SMS

Another common way for effective distribution of a web survey is via SMS. This distribution method is extremely useful when there is a huge set of contacts existing in a particular geographical location. This distribution method can be used in conducting geo-location-based surveys where the classification of respondents is done on the basis of phone numbers.

Via QR code

Web surveys can be seamlessly converted into a QR code that is further published on print or online media. The QR code reader existing in a smartphone is used for directing respondents to a web survey where their responses are recorded.

Through social media

To effectively distribute a web survey in today’s digital world, posting it on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a great idea. As it happens with just a single click, this method is easy to accomplish too!

Web intercept

A web-intercept survey is also a great method to effortlessly conduct web surveys. There are numerous types of surveys included such as pop-up surveys, exit surveys, on-page surveys, as well as time-based surveys. Considered to be a non-intrusive method of collecting data, the web-intercept survey has a higher response rate and better brand recall.

What are the different types of web surveys?

Customer Surveys

Collect insightful feedback from your customers about your brand as well as the products and services you offer. Uncover their perceptions and determine the drivers behind their behavior with effective web surveys. Customer Satisfaction Survey and Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey are the most popular customer web surveys.

Employee Surveys

Understand the pulse of your workforce by soliciting feedback at crucial touchpoints of the employee journey. Gain insights into employees’ work-life balance, overall stress, training initiatives, etc. Focus on retaining the top talent of your organization with powerful employee engagement web surveys.

Marketing Surveys

Reach out to the right audience to gather accurate feedback related to your new initiatives, products, as well as offerings. Get ready to outshine your competitors by collecting holistic and intrinsic feedback from your intended audience using marketing web surveys.

Industry-specific Surveys

Collect actionable feedback about the industry that your organization operates in. Be it healthcare, retail, manufacturing, or hospitality, industry-specific web surveys help to seamlessly address the pain points and needs of your target audience while discovering improvement opportunities. 

What are the benefits of using web surveys?

Quick medium for reaching out to the audience

A web survey offers a quick way of gaining feedback from respondents as compared to other survey methods like pen-and-paper surveys or face-to-face surveys. You can reach out to your target audience quickly no matter where they are!

Real-time Analytics

Once the information is collected, analysis is another crucial step that empowers researchers to take the required actions. By using a web survey software like Voxco, researchers can easily analyze the gathered survey data in real-time through centralized dashboards.


As there are minimal resources required to conduct web surveys, they are considered to be much cheaper than other methods like phone-based surveys, or face-to-face surveys. A web survey not only saves time but also reduces the effort of the workforce.

Less prone to errors

As compared to traditional survey methods, there’s no mediator involved in web surveys due to which the respondents can easily answer the questions on their own. Thus, there are limited chances of errors in a web survey. 

Generates accurate responses

By sharing a web survey with the target audience, the respondents are open to answer questions anonymously. This empowers researchers to acquire honest and true feedback from them and uncover deeper insights into their behavior.

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Why choose Voxco for your web surveys?

Omnichannel capabilities

There is an area for feedback across every touchpoint that your target audience has with your organization. Voxco’s exceptional web survey tool enables organizations to collect actionable feedback across every channel. Be it online, telephonic, or face to face, we’ve got you covered!

Ease of hosting

Before collecting feedback from customers, it’s important to ensure the security of their data. Keeping that in mind, Voxco’s web survey tools allow clients to store the data either on their own premises, i.e. aligned with their specific security protocols, or on the cloud, for increased flexibility. 

Insightful dashboards & analytics

Voxco’s web survey tool comes equipped with best-in-class analytics that allows businesses to view data through intuitive dashboards while determining the patterns in their target audience behavior.

Survey Question Library

Voxco offers a library of different question types that can uncover insightful data through your web survey. The various question types include – Slider, Rank Order, Card Sort, Image Area Selector, Matrix-type Questions, Star mark, etc.