Concept Testing Platform

Test, Analyze and Validate your concepts efficiently at scale

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Remove the guesswork from selecting the best product features, ad content or brand messaging by collecting opinions of your target audience. 

  • Measure Effect of Concept on Purchase Intent
  • Isolate the key drivers to positive perception
  • Generate Insights in Real time 

Concept Testing Platform for Extensive & Effortless Studies

Voxco’s concept testing platform can be used to conduct concept testing across channels and for multiple products. Track the target audience perception throughout the customer lifecycle & perform time trend analysis, competitive benchmarking and much more. Iterate your concepts until they’re perfect.


Test product packaging, design, logos, tagline or user experience with ease.


Understand brand perception and key attitude drivers for your target audience in great detail.


Test ad creatives, messaging, stimuli or video reception with one click. 


Gather feedback when you’re rolling out a new website or want some feedback on collateral easily.

Book a demo to start collecting sentiments at scale.

Experience the true potential of your concepts instantly!

Embrace data driven approach for concept evaluation. Back your concepts by data generated by survey panels across the world and remove the guesswork from concepts prioritization and quantify the success rate.

Build Engaging Concept Test Surveys

  • Create surveys using Drag and Drop Builder
  • Choose from 100+ question type library
  • Create multilingual surveys (200+ languages supported)
  • Use Advanced survey logic & branching
  • Create branded surveys for better survey response rates 

Identify high performing Concepts

  • Conduct advanced statistical analysis and create live visual dashboards to identify the high performing concepts instantly
  • Clean survey data & remove duplicates effortlessly
  • Instant Crosstabs with custom color codes
  • Open Text & Sentiment Analytics
  • Create bar, pie, stock & line charts with one click

Conduct Omni Channel Concept Tests

Meet where your respondents are. Reach the target audience via multiple channels to ensure high survey response rates 

  • Website & pop-ups
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Phone

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Why use Concept Testing Platform?

Concept Testing Survey Software is used to conduct concept effectiveness studies during the product life cycle. Concept tests allow organizations to grasp an understanding of target audience’s response to their collateral, brand messaging and user experience.