Meet some of our team members

We’re a group of dedicated individuals working as a large team across several offices. While we work hard, we also have fun together. Meet some of the people who make Voxco an industry-leader in survey software.

  • Raymond Cyr

    Raymond Cyr

    President and CEO

    Raymond has a very sharp mind for numbers. He studied mathematics, physics and engineering, and began his career with the Society of Applied Mathematics. He then went on to found Voxco and has been a driving force in the industry ever since. His leadership has helped develop generations of efficient software solutions and continues to address the ever-changing needs of the research industry. When not at Voxco, Raymond can be found sailing, skiing or playing tennis.

  • Monica Revazova

    Monica Revazova

    VP Finances & Human Ressources

    All numbers lead to Monica. She is responsible for accounting at Voxco and its subsidiaries abroad. Since her arrival at Voxco in 2006, Monica has helped implement both a new accounting system and standardized global reporting. Prior to Voxco, Monica worked at the media and communications giant Transcontinental. While there, she successfully implemented the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in ten different distribution divisions. Whether it’s for financial forecasting or tracking cash flow, we really count on Monica.

  • Vincent Auger

    Vincent Auger

    VP Sales

    A one-time National Hockey League draft pick, Vincent is a true team player. He leads a spirited and experienced group of sales professionals in North America, Mexico, and Australia. Instead of chasing a puck, he chases opportunities to help survey organization discover the power of Voxco software solutions. Vince has a gift for developing enduring relationships with our clients. A graduate from Cornell University, he holds a degree in finance.

  • Gilles Bernasconi

    Gilles Bernasconi

    Managing Director Voxco Europe, Middle-East and Africa

    Gilles manages Voxco’s European teams and runs the business development of Africa and the Middle East. Prior to joining Voxco in 2006, Gilles had acquired technical expertise (he was a Software Development Engineer and Technical Director) as well as managerial experiences (he used to be the Assistant Director of a survey software provider), which allowed him to comprehend our clients’ daily production challenges in its entirety. Today, Gilles is a recognized specialist in the solutions dedicated to market research, surveys and call centers.

  • Louis Lessard

    Louis Lessard

    Executive Chairman

    An economics graduate and a serial entrepreneur, Louis loves building businesses. He has extensive experience in financing, and for over 30 years has been focusing his efforts on high-growth sectors such as technology and real estate. In 2006, he acquired a majority stake in Voxco and assumed the role of President and CEO. Although his many businesses don’t allow Louis to be at Voxco on a daily basis, his entrepreneurial drive is always present.

  • Dominique Balas

    Dominique Balas

    VP Marketing and Product Management

    Dominique has walked a mile in our clients’ shoes. She came to Voxco with over 10 years’ experience at an international market research agency focused on healthcare. As their former VP Operations of the survey group, she gained a deep understanding of designing survey research programs and the challenges in reaching respondents. Dominique has an MBA and her main mantra at Voxco: create great client experiences.

  • Thierry Froux

    Thierry Froux

    VP Software Development

    Thierry’s success in software development began modestly: conducting telephone surveys. At the time, he was studying computer science and took an internship at Voxco. Once here, very quickly he began developing software and presented Interviewer Web as his graduation project. He brings this deep understanding of Voxco technology to his mandate as VP of Software Development. And is also looking to the future by overseeing the creation of our newest mobile survey technologies.

  • Michele Lessard

    Michele Lessard

    Marketing Manager

    Michele is a second-generation Voxco employee – her dad Louis is CEO. Like her father, Michele has entrepreneurship in her genes. A recent graduate of the very entrepreneurial Babson College, Michele is a creative thinker who loves to find new and better ways for Voxco to serve clients. Michele’s main mandate is to help bring some of our latest technology enhancement and improvements to market.

  • Bjoern Frederiks

    Bjoern Frederiks

    Client support and Training

    Based in Voxco Germany, Bjoern has had the IT bug since he was 10. A Cisco Certified Network Associate, he is the go-to person for IT crises. As adept at programming as he is at training people on those systems that he loves tinkering with, he loves solving server and software issues “because this is what I also like to do in my private time.” When he does get away from the computer, he likes heading into the boxing ring for some fun.

  • Cettina Borsellino

    Cettina Borsellino

    Sales and Professional Services Director

    Cettina is a true people person, problem solver and goes well beyond the call of duty. This serves her well in her dual responsibilities in Professional Services and Sales. She has an innate understanding for the complex, having worked for years in high-tech sales. Trilingual, Cettina can talk to clients about Voxco products in Italian, French and English. Finding the best Voxco solution for a client is always Cettina’s main goal.

  • Charles-Philippe Cossette

    Charles-Philippe Cossette

    IT Director

    With a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and over 15 years of experience in IT management and database administration, we know we can trust Charles-Philippe with some of our greatest assets. He manages the network infrastructure, handles backups, storage and access, and helps us to upgrade and scale up. He enjoys the variety of work at Voxco, and definitely enjoys the cappuccino machine in our kitchen. Off-hours he loves to run and scuba dive, and cannot resist fine cuisine.

  • Fiamma Bianco

    Fiamma Bianco

    Professional Services Manager for Europe

    Fiamma knows what a client needs. After all, she was once a Voxco client herself. When Fiamma began working at Voxco in 2007, she brought with her a client’s perspective on survey scripting and reporting results. That’s made her ideal to lead the professional services team that takes good care of our European clients. An Italian living in Paris, she jumps at the opportunity to mix business with some travel pleasure.

  • James Clervil

    James Clervil

    Technical support specialist

    James is always there when you need him. He’s the guy to call when there is an emergency tech issue inside the office, or when a client needs someone to walk them through a problem over the phone. He installs and configures systems, diagnoses hardware and software issues and solves all manner of technical issues. He is also trilingual, serving clients in English, French and Spanish all over the world.

  • Philippe Huard

    Philippe Huard

    Project Manager, Professional Services

    Philippe Huard leans into the type of problems that make most people retreat. The favourite part of his work day? Programming complex questionnaires. He calls this work “an intellectual challenge.” His experience running a call centre, his intuitive sense and resourcefulness have made him much more than a self-described techie. When he's not figuring things out on the job, he likes to take time out to go to a spinning class or practise yoga.

  • Genevieve Neault

    Genevieve Neault

    Corporate Quality Manager

    In a past career, Genevieve installed and supported critical 911 systems worldwide. So Genevieve knows about customer care and urgency. She brings that same attention to detail when helping Voxco customers in her role in Quality Management. Her stints at CAE, Positron and Adacel as technician, project leader and technical lead have also given her the experience she requires to implement new processes to improve operational performance at Voxco.

  • Sebastien Mattei

    Sebastien Mattei

    European Technical Support Team Manager

    Sebastien heads up the European Technical Support team. Clients trust Sebastien because they know that he brings on board the best people and deploys the right resources to solve problems. In that role, he manages technical issues but also draws up technical documents with best-practice solutions. The yin to his yang of tech support is playing the role of proud papa to his young son.

  • Dominique Richard

    Dominique Richard

    Project and Account Management

    Our clients have found their voice in Dominique. Before she arrived at Voxco in 2001, she managed projects with more than 200 interviewers, using Voxco products. “I understand our clients’ business. I can put myself in their place and be the best advocate to represent them internally at Voxco,” she says. As their Voxco Project Manager, Dominique works so closely with some of our clients, she is like an extension of their team.

  • Alex Suter

    Alex Suter

    Sales and Business Development

    Satisfied customers, creative solutions, support at every level. These are a few of Alex’s favorite things. A business graduate from HEC Lausanne, Switzerland, he worked for several important companies – IBM, Harris Corporation, Mediatrix and Wavesat – before being hired on at Voxco in 2011. He loves working in international markets. Currently his main focus is our Latin American clients. Alex is well suited to this role since he speaks five languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

  • Deba Mandal

    Deba Mandal

    Senior Technical Specialist

    Deba is a troubleshooter by nature, always there for Voxco’s issues, support and installation. A former IBM team leader of software distribution and deployment, his favorite part of the work at Voxco is solving customer issues and helping his colleagues. His training has been extensive and includes certification in computer networking and programmer analysis. He also possesses a Microsoft-certified technology specialty. In his spare time, he plays the bass guitar and is a serious dragon boat competitor.

  • Denis Michaud

    Denis Michaud

    Customer Service Director

    Denis loves complex problem-solving at work. “It’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle at a macro level,” he says. His computer science training and his time spent at Ericsson Canada, where he was a telephony developer, have made him a determined puzzle enthusiast at Voxco. He likes leading teams and helping to serve up better customer solutions. In his time off, he loves photography, riding his motorcycle and working on his home, though he says that’s “just an excuse to test out the next cool gadget.”

  • Diane Paquette

    Diane Paquette

    Training Director

    Diane is Voxco's secret training weapon. She is constantly on the road giving customized training sessions. Diane excels at putting people at ease as they become proficient on our survey tools. “In training, the most important quality is to fully understand the client’s needs.” Diane enjoys picking up new skills herself, like learning to play piano. “I know I'll never give a concert at Carnegie Hall, but I enjoy the peace and beauty that activity brings into my life.”

  • Dushy De Silva

    Dushy De Silva

    Client Service and Sales for Asia Pacific.

    Dushy is growing our Voxco business in Asia Pacific, and is perfectly placed to do it. Living in Australia, he worked for 18 years in market research, both in operations and in senior management roles. Prior to that, Dushy was in consumer sales. Now he brings those two experiences together in his role with Voxco. His entrepreneurial spirit extents to his off-hour activities, like scuba diving and snowboarding.

  • Stefan Preusse

    Stefan Preusse

    Manager Voxco Germany

    Our German team is led by Stefan, who provides Voxco with much of its long term memory. He used the earliest versions of the company’s products when it was still written in DOS. He not only has a deep knowledge of our products but also has experience in direct marketing, market and social research. Stefan holds a Master’s in economics. He is known to drive a bit too fast down the autobahn when on route to visit clients.

  • Nicolas Roullier

    Nicolas Roullier

    Sales Director EMEA

    As Sales Director of EMEA, Nicolas is Voxco’s client champion in southern Europe and the Middle East. His technical insights and business expertise allow him to quickly diagnose clients’ system requirements. Then to propose tailored plans and solutions. His human qualities and great sense of humor make Nicolas a true Voxco ambassador, and a great co-worker. This proud father of three lives in France, but also loves Montreal.

  • Jeb Bullis

    Jeb Bullis

    US Sales Representative

    Jeb is an energetic and accomplished sales leader and mentor whose professional passion is helping Voxco grow. This proud Badger from the University of Wisconsin has 25 years’ experience in technology solutions in major sectors including research, healthcare, government and regulated industries. Jeb is committed to finding the perfect insight solution for a client’s needs. We’re proud that Jeb currently holds the position of President-Elect at the Southwest Marketing Research Association. Despite his hectic schedule he still finds time to volunteer in the healthcare sector on a regular basis!

  • Shawn Syring

    Shawn Syring

    Inside Sales Manager

    If you’re in Market Research you’ve probably talked with Shawn. Before becoming the unofficial Voice of Voxco in 2009, Shawn spent a decade as a call center director, focusing on bottom line improvements. Now this warm-blooded Torontonian works with our sales and marketing teams, regularly calling researchers to gauge their interest in our solutions and following trending #MRX news stories. Next time you have his velvety radio voice in your ear, ask him about his love of music or hockey!

  • Daniel Plamondon

    Daniel Plamondon

    Software Trainer

    Daniel knows our software inside out. Since joining Voxco in 2001, he spends most of his time on the road training clients to get the most out of the platform. He really enjoys the face-to-face time with clients as it gives him the chance to understand their situation and spot opportunities to maximize their productivity. A hockey player at heart, Daniel trains clients the way he plays – as a teammate always looking for an assist.

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