The Future of MR Depends on Sexy Data Presentation

How to Make Data Sexy and Why Our Future Depends on It

Sure our headline screams ‘click me!’ a little harder than it needed to… but that’s sort of the idea we’re trying to convey. Get your message across in a visually intriguing way to maximize its impact.

Data presentation is something that’s decidedly uninteresting to the general public. But to us market researchers, the sexy visualization of our hard-fought insights is critical to the perceived success of a survey project.

Nowadays in the face of mounting sources of raw data and shrinking attention spans of clients and marketing teams, it’s essential to get across the key insights in an interesting, impactful way quickly and succinctly. It seems pointless to judge it or try to convince non data-nerds to convert. And so we just have to accept it and find a way to deliver.

Data is everyone’s future. Understanding the needs, wants and opportunities presented by this data is commercially essential to organizations of all sizes; we just need to ensure that stakeholders can follow the data trail and understand what the insights mean to them. So, some tips courtesy of the team at ClickZ:

  • Visualization. We need to accept that most non-researchers find numbers boring and sometimes confusing. But it’s human nature to be drawn to colorful, attractive visuals. Nowadays, data visualization goes a long way beyond simple charts and graphs. Quality data visualization software now allows us to intuitively visualize huge volumes of data so that they are digestible by wide audiences.
  • Presentation. Presenting your findings with a static pie chart just isn’t cutting it any more. People’s eyes should linger over analytics and insights, grasping the meaning and looking deeper to gain knowledge.
  • Meaningful KPIs. Market Research has a tendency to make up new and confusing performance metrics. Assuming a solid understanding of MR, these are usually valid and important to number crunchers, but stakeholders outside the MR team don’t recognize the value of some of these more advanced KPIs. Resist the temptation to overdeliver in your reporting; only include KPIs that your audience will really use to make business decisions. Revenue, cost and profitability top the list of C-level priorities. Marketers and clients accept Net Promoter Score as a KPI that can compare across benchmarks.
  • Commentary. People skim and scan nowadays. It’s a coping mechanism in the face of the growing amount of reading we do each day that allows us to pick up the factoids and nuggets of information that matter. Consider this when adding captions and light commentary. Remember that the action-focused viewers of your data presentation will only walk away with a few clear sound bites in their heads – so make them impactful.
  • Real-time & Dynamic. Yesterday’s numbers no longer matter. If you aren’t getting data real-time, you’re already behind the times (literally). Sharing dynamic, real time data reports lets marketing directors refresh as often as they like to track minuscule changes to their hearts content. People who appreciate data want to zoom in, drill down, change variables and ask ‘what if.’ Accessible, interactive and customizable results dashboards offer greater value and insights to more stakeholders.
  • Story-telling. Every chart and graph should work together to tell a single story, that follows a linear path, incorporates facts and emotions, and creates lasting memories. Get inspired by data presentation master Hans Rosling.

Successful data presentation takes vast, complex findings and winnows it down to the most important and actionable insights, and then presents those insights in a clear, attractive way. The raw data is still there, and is never ignored or pushed aside. It’s just filtered and reported in as sexy a way as possible to make sure that the findings are understood, and taken into account. Voxco and Dapresy can help you become a data presentation expert. Ask us how today.

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