Software Update: Voxco Online v5.5

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In a constant effort to maintain our client’s trust as an industry-leading provider of powerful multi-mode survey software, we release regular software updates to make our platform better, faster, and more intuitive.

Updates are often made to address client requests for new features, or to integrate new cutting-edge capabilities and react to trending methodologies. All software updates are made to further improve our clients’ survey potential.

Here are some highlights of version 5.5 of Voxco Online (Acuity4 Survey), released October 30, 2015:

Single-cell variable enabling

Further improving your team’s ability to program complex logic conditions in Voxco Online, you can now hide or disable individual cells of a Hybrid Grid (not just rows or columns, as before) based on a respondent’s prior answers.

Mobile rendering options for single questions

It’s not always ideal to have automatic device-responsive survey rendering for every question. If you feel individual questions should appear identically on desktop and mobile devices, you’re now able to easily switch the software’s automated mobile rendering off for individual questions.

Image translations

Now ‘translated’ images are available to use for Image Selector questions, and will appear in the respondent’s chosen survey language.

For example, a French respondent and an English respondent will seamlessly see different images for given questions that match the language in which they are taking the survey. Perfect for images with embedded text.

Soft prompting for questions left blank

When a respondent doesn’t answer a given question on a page and tries to skip to the next page with a blank response, you can now suggest new, previously unseen responses for them.

For example, if a respondent leaves a question about their gender (M/F?) blank and tries to progress in the survey to the next page, you can reprompt them to answer with a newly added third option on the same question that reads ‘prefer not to answer’. You could even make ‘prefer not to answer’ their default response for those respondents who previously left that question blank.

This has two major benefits:

  1. Not offering the ‘prefer not to answer’ option up front increases the number of respondents who self-identify their gender.
  2. It then also significantly improves answer rates by differentiating between those respondents who didn’t see a question from those who saw it and consciously chose not to respond.
Reward Points visibility

Users who have integrated Voxco Panel Manager software and incentivize their participants by using a points system can now better keep their panelists up-to-date with their current points balance. Panelists can now see how many points they have collected for redemption from within a survey.

Custom-set a default URL configuration

Users can now single-set a default URL for their surveys using their own domain. Of course it can still be altered if you prefer. You now also have the choice to use either http or https by default.

Flexible back button block properties

You can now program milestones within a survey to ensure that after certain defined points a respondent cannot return to alter previously answered responses or response blocks.

Voxco Online v5.5 is out now!

SaaS users were automatically upgraded to Voxco Online 5.5 on October 30, and all of the above features are available and ready to implement. Contact your account manager with any questions about the changes or how to use some of the new features.

If you have any further requests for our next scheduled software update, let us know! We’re always listening and improving!

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