Optimize for Mobile: Don’t Be Left Behind

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Thanks to the exponential rise of global mobile device usage, a web design revolution has been underway for years now. But it’s astonishing how many sites on the World Wide Web haven’t yet adapted. During a recent casual review of our own clients’ web presence, it was incredible to see the number of websites that haven’t yet been optimized for mobile devices.

Since April 21 of this year, Google has updated its search algorithm to crack down on sites that don’t use a mobile-responsive design – effectively punishing them with decreased organic search traffic. And this wasn’t just a random decision by the higher-ups at Google, it was a reaction to the already-apparent behavior of visitors to unoptimized sites – mobile optimization has been shown to boost both site interaction (users view 30% more products on mobile-friendly sites) and conversion rates (150% higher on optimized sites!).

At a global level, only 11% of internet users still access the web mostly via desktop. So what does all this mean for surveys? To put it simply: if you’re ignoring the mobile platform, you are ignoring 89% of the audience. Fortunately our online survey software automatically renders for mobile devices, offering respondents a seamless experience, regardless of their device. But mobile rendering an online survey is just the beginning, the next big thing will be embedding surveys directly into apps. Remember that app usage is skyrocketing, just another side-effect of the mobile revolution.

If your market research survey program isn’t mobile-friendly yet, get hopping – there is no end in sight to the evolving way that consumers spend their time and access content. If you can get ’em where they already are, you’re already a step ahead.

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