Finally some clarity on the proposed TCPA changes

FCC v. Telephone Research Common Sense, Part II: What the FCC is doing on telephone research and what is next

Responding to the general confusion about the details surrounding the June 18 FCC decision, the Market Research Association has dug into the specifics about the changes being considered to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). In an attempt to shine a light on what is being discussed, they talked with members of the FCC staff, outside lawyers and consultants who work closely with the FCC.

Here is a summary of what are known to be in the rules up for vote this month:

  1. Telecommunications carriers can implement call blocking technology.
  2. Consumers will be able to revoke consent to receive autodialer calls and robocalls, in any reasonable way and at any time. “Reasonable” is not defined.
  3. Someone autodialing a cell phone number that has been reassigned to a new subscriber may do so once.
  4. The new order clarifies the definition of an autodialer as any device that could have the capacity to dial random or sequential numbers, including a preselected list of numbers. FCC staff have clarified that the definition will include preview dialing, and potentially anything short of using a rotary dial phone.
  5. Some calls will be excluded from the new rules, including some urgent and emergency calls.

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We will be keeping all of our clients up-to-date on changes that are passed, if any. Keep an eye on our blog for more info after the June 18 vote.

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