Europe: Technology leads to shifting challenges

Article: Europe's Marketers See Challenges Shift as Technology Advances

Marketers rarely step back from the day-to-day to take a long look at where their profession is heading. But a recent EIU survey of 600 marketing execs concluded that some massive shifts are already underway that will redefine the very nature of marketing and marketers.

Most European marketers polled could actively see the marketing function transforming, especially advertising/branding, customer experience and engagement, and digital/social media. Big shifts already underway are expected to increase focus further towards e-commerce, customer retention, and customer cross-selling and upselling.

Unsurprisingly, the overall interactivity and connectedness of mobile channels was heavily acknowledged. Emerging trends that were flagged included the internet of things (IoT), real-time/personalized mobile purchasing and wearables, all of which are expected to have a significant effect on marketing within five years.
Marketing research is one such industry that’s being heavily affected by these current and anticipated changes. How is your organization adapting?

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