Dialer Productivity: The key to profitable phone survey centers

What a difference a dialer makes. Well, a good one at least…

When Voxco first opened its doors over 25 years ago, we were known as an industry-leading vendor of phone survey center software and hardware. Nothing has changed in those terms since then – Voxco still leads the industry in phone survey systems. But the channel has gone through some dramatic fluctuations since then. Our phone survey system has adapted to keep pace, but the industry itself has evolved to a point where every dollar matters.

New survey call centers aren’t opening their doors very often. Those that remain stay very busy and remain an important part of the MR landscape, but their profit structures are changing. Their bottom lines become more fragile as researchers branch out into online and mobile survey solutions, and respondents become harder to reach on the phone.

From twenty-five years’ worth of conversations that we have had with clients and other industry thought-leaders, it is clear that productivity is the only metric that truly matters to a phone survey center’s profitability. And the cornerstone of maintaining that productivity? A good dialer, which will make or break your ROI.

Dialing Productivity

Phone survey center productivity is essentially evaluated by how quickly the dialer connects interviewers to respondents. Downtime between calls adds up dramatically: if an unproductive dialer adds just 5 extra minutes of interviewer downtime in an hour, a 100-seat call center wastes over 65 hours every day. This simple calculation tells you how essential a productive dialer is to an organization’s bottom line.

Made for Researchers

Voxco Dialer is designed by researchers, and for researchers. The dialing algorithms are fine-tuned based on ideal research connection speed and realistic drop rates. It’s packed with advanced features that are developed with researchers in mind (ability to accept inbound calls, transfer out, direct conference, partial recording, audio playback, and more). There is no other dialer on the market that’s more tailored to phone survey organizations.

Dialer Flexibility

But even though the out-of-the-box dialer is designed for research usage, it still further adapts itself to your own call center’s reality. It can be used in five different dialing modes that quickly connect calls, regardless of your interviewer methodology. Over time it balances its dialing algorithms based on your own call center’s statistics, and pro-actively cleans out-of-service numbers to eliminate time wasted on bad calls. Voxco Dialer is always working behind the scenes to optimize its own productivity to the reality of today’s phone survey center.

Quality Control

Note that quick connections don’t matter if the work itself is done in a sloppy way. Unlike most out-of-the-box dialers, Voxco Dialer is packed with real-time monitoring and reporting tools to constantly track project and productivity. Call recording and live audio monitoring let your managers qualitatively evaluate interviews. So you’ll know if you’re maximizing its potential.

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Phone survey research is a game of inches. Adding up those inches over time makes it clear how great an effect dialing productivity has on the bottom line. Maintain productivity and you’ll maintain profitability. Get in touch with a phone survey expert today to evaluate a better dialing solution.

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