Soaring Customer Expectations: What Can Companies Do?

Article: Can Companies Keep Up with Soaring Customer Expectations?

Customer expectations are at an all-time high due to ever-increasing technology. Marketers everywhere are under intense pressure to keep up with their tech-savvy, always-on consumers – or risk getting trampled by their competition. So what are YOU doing to keep up?

Customers have always wanted exceptional service, but the limits of that definition are being stretched outward every year. A May 2015 poll of US corporate execs by Harris Poll for Lithium showed that 82% of customers’ expectations of their company were higher than just three years ago. Furthering the frustration, 59% said it was getting even more difficult for their company to please customers as expectations expand beyond capability.

Web and apps were leading the major shift and setting an all-time high benchmark for satisfaction. Customers are increasingly expecting faster and more cost-effective access to services, greater technological innovations, more personalization & collaboration, greater transparency, and further expansion of products and services into multiple channels.

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Companies everywhere are feeling the heat. And the big question is what is YOUR organization doing to innovate and keep up with customer expectations? Don’t get left behind as your competitors find a way to maintain customer satisfaction. Join the satisfaction innovation conversation on our Twitter.

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