Personalization: Move Beyond Basic Data

Article: Marketers Stuck on Basic Data for Personalization

Marketers are continually focusing their time and budgets on personalization, but it seems they’re getting stuck on basic data. As marketers worldwide increase their spending on personalization this year, they continue to rely on beginner metrics like basic demographic info. The problem is that it’s just not personal enough to be useful.

Recent research shows that marketers are still most likely to use the basics – email (57%), name (45%), location (41%) and demographics (40%). More advanced figures, such as location-related data (18%), lifestyle details (15%) and psychographics (8%), were far less common.

It’s clear that understanding customer behavior through data like past online purchases, offline interactions and geolocation is still not being maximized. Marketers are struggling with this type of automated data collection, and it’s affecting their understanding of who their respondents (and therefore their customers) truly are. Marketers who overcome these data collection issues stand to reap the rewards. Once marketers can gather, integrate and act on these levels of more advanced data, they can push their organization beyond the competition.

So how to collect this type of automated data? Well sophisticated mobile survey solutions allow for the collection of this type of data, which when paired with demographic data can form a far more robust and complete profile of your respondents and customers.

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