5 Ways to Improve Online Survey Response Rates

Article: Consumer Data Collection Comes at a Cost

Consumers need a little motivation to hand over their data to brands sometimes. And there’s no way around it: the absolute best motivation is straight-up cash rewards. Read on for more ways to incentivize a boost in survey response rates.

A recent US online survey asked users which incentives would best motivate them to share information with brands, and every single respondent said that cash rewards does the trick.

More than three-quarters of the same respondents said the same about significant discounts or coupons.

The next three additional ways were far more in line with surveying best practices, rather than financial incentives. How else can we boost response rates? Fewer steps in surveys, better survey topic targeting based on their interests/people like them, and regular reminders help too.

See the full results and source article at emarketer.com

While money may be appealing to most respondents, best practices runs a close second in incentivizing consumers to hand over their personal data and opinions.

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