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Best-in-class CATI survey software in Canada

Improve agent experience & effectively monitor projects to boost productivity by 400%! Integrate Voxco CATI mode with Voxco Cloud Dialer and Voxco IVR to create an exceptional phone survey system.

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Trusted by top Canadian organizations for phone surveys

Explore top-notch CATI survey platform in Canada

Access powerful telephony features and a state-of-the-art CATI survey software to conduct exceptional phone surveys with unparalleled efficiency. With Canada hosted CATI survey system, reach out to a wide range of audience by conducting phenomenal polling studies, huge data collection studies, and numerous types of large scale survey research.Try Canada based CATI survey software with predictive dialers, multilingual capabilities, TCPA compliant calling system, live dashboards, and more.

Access Advanced features like Call monitoring, recording, playback

Call respondents instantly with one click

Enhance productivity by deciding cadence in advance

Supervisor can connect or takeover any call in real time

Set up automated pre-recorded call flow and improve efficiency

Access Power, Predictive, Preview and Hybrid modes.

Skill based smart omnichannel routing

Manage quotas based on agent history and performance with ease

Monitor interviewers in real time

Manage incoming customer queries efffectively

Intelligent answer machine detector to improve call time

Efficient call back queue management system for better customer experience

On-Premise/ Cloud Hosting

Choose hosting according to your requirements

Coach interviewers remotely at scale

Manage all outbound call projects


TCPA compliant CATI Survey Software in Canada

With the help of Voxco TCPA connect, Canadian companies can effortlessly comply with manual dialing rules. Voxco is a top CATI survey software in Canada for conducting large scale CATI surveys. Get manual dialing deployment scenarios customized according to your unique needs.

Elevate productivity with Integrated Canada CATI survey software

Survey organizations in Canada have significantly increased their CATI software ROI by leveraging the powerful features, advanced hosting options, competitive pricing, and seamless telephony integration of Voxco’s CATI software.

Why choose Voxco’s CATI survey software in Canada?


Increased productivity

Canadian clients report significant improvements to their project & call efficiency as well as their hourly talk times (as much as 52 minutes) with Voxco’s CATI software in Canada.


Advanced features

When it comes to features, Voxco CATI in Canada stands apart from competitors due to in-call routing, live analytics, call blending, IVR, and more.


Single-vendor agreement

With a single provider for licensing/support agreement and no dependence on inter-system compatibility, our CATI survey offering in Canada comes with one vendor agreement only.

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Manual dialing compliance

With Voxco TCPA Connect, survey call centers in Canada offer a unique manual dialing environment that can help to boost productivity.

Robust Canada CATI survey software

Voxco CATI survey software is an effective telephony system trusted by various data collection organizations, market research companies, and opinion researchers based in Canada. Our secured data centers are hosted in Canada which ensures the safety of the collected data. With more than 45 years of experience, Voxco’s CATI survey software has empowered a myriad of Canadian companies with comprehensive phone survey & call center management solutions.

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Why clients trust Voxco’s CATI survey software in Canada?

Siena college

Siena College uses Voxco Survey Software for NY Times Upshot Polls ​ 3M Phone Calls | 96 Polls ​

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Frost & Sullivan conducted 100k surveys across 300 industries annually with Voxco

Canada based CATI system such as Voxco enables companies to easily manage their phone survey projects by conducting inbound & outbound phone surveys through effective call management, interviewer management tools, quota management, and more.

Canada based CATI softwares such as Voxco offer additional layer of security for your CATI survey data gathered. With data hosting centers based in Canada, you can effortlessly comply with the specific data security requirements of your clients.

Moreover, a Canada hosted CATI system ensures that the phone surveys you conduct comply seamlessly with TCPA and other rules.

Voxco is a Canada based CATI survey system. Our pricing is competitive and depends mainly on your requirements. Schedule a demo with our experts to gain a full view into our pricing!

Yes, Voxco’s Canada based CATI survey software can be easily used for conducting international survey research as well.

CATI survey software comes with various benefits (as discussed above) that help to create a seamless surveying experience. CATI can improve accuracy, offer increased management control, and boost productivity. Also, in comparison to other surveying methods, CATI interviewing facilitates more efficient data collection as respondent answers are entered into the system in real-time. This minimizes the time wastage in transcription as well as data entry.

These are some of the popular features of a CATI survey software:

  1. Call Management Functions: CATI survey software must have call management functions such as smart call routing skills.

  2. Sample Management Functions: The ability to schedule and allocate telephone numbers to different interviewers.

  3. Real-Time Field Supervision Functions: CATI software allows for the live monitoring of call outcomes, response rates, and scheduling of interview appointments.

  4. Access to Interviewer Tools: Another important feature of CATI is interviewer tools such as a pop-up calendar to set up interview appointments and options to add general comments across calls.