DG Solutions Leading Player in Healthcare/Patient Care Research

D G Solutions – How this Healthcare veteran & Voxco partner grew their business by 4x in a single year!

The Client

DG Connections is the Healthcare Call Center segment of DG Solutions, an industry leader in data collection services. 

DG Solutions’ team has decades of experience  partnering with healthcare research organizations to provide high quality data collection in all modes of communication. They have an incredibly strong reputation with many regulatory agencies such as CMS, NCQA, HSAG, and RTI.

The Opportunity

As DGS expanded  their data collection modes to include call center services, it was critical for DG Solutions to pair up with a survey software provider that has a strong knowledge base — someone that would guide the learning and growth of the company. 

It was also important to make sure that the provider’s offering was versatile enough to handle the different demanding programs that they would run (all while ensuring regulatory compliance). 

As a cherry-on-top, they had to find a software that would also facilitate analytics and reporting of the data collected, as DG Solutions offers their clients regular, robust reports.

The Solution

With Voxco, DG Solutions has found the exact partnership they needed to propel their business forward. Not only has Voxco succeeded in being a true growth partner for them, their offering is also complete with each element DG Solutions was looking for — versatile capabilities, rock-solid support, and streamlined analytics.

“With Voxco, we’ve really found that we can treat them as an extension of our own operations. They allow us to deliver top notch results for our healthcare research partners.”

Denise Hindle, CEO
DG Solutions

The Results

Since their initial investment just 2 short years ago, DG Solutions has expanded from 7 internal seats, to 30 seats, to a 200 seat full-on call center. This year alone, they have seen an impressive 400% in growth! 

In 2020, DG Solutions is looking forward to expanding their operations further, working to serve different slices of the healthcare vertical, like licensed staff health coaching, etc


Phase 5 Research consultant case study

Phase 5 Delivers Insights at Every Customer Touchpoint

The Client

Phase 5 is a research-based consultancy that helps organizations achieve full customer centricity. They serve various industries across many different verticals by building collaborative partnerships through research, online user experience, and customer experience insights. 

They believe that successful innovation requires anticipating and responding to unmet or underserviced customer needs and wants.

The Challenge

Putting the customer at the center of business decisions is a growing priority for organizations. The challenge is to create a consistent experience for customers across different points of the lifecycle and different communication channels. 

Phase 5 has always endeavored to empower organizations with the data and insights they need to become customer centric and stay competitive. 

They have been using Voxco Survey Software for 25 years. In the past, they have tested other software solutions and seen many different kinds of insights-driven technologies, but Voxco has been able to provide value:

“It’s a testament to the quality of the relationship we’ve built and the services that Voxco’s tools provide. We truly value the flexibility and usability of the platform as well.” – Doug Church, Partner, Phase 5

The Solution

With Voxco in hand, Phase 5 has been helping companies at different stages of the customer lifecycle — from product development, to building out web experience, identifying unmet needs in the market, and much more.

“Organizations need to ask; how do we ensure that people can interact with our product and brand through digital and in-person channels to fully engage them? And how do they maintain those precious relationships with retention strategies?

Voxco has been instrumental in allowing us to deliver those insights to our clients“

Doug Church
Phase 5

The Results: Insights at every single customer touchpoint

Phase 5 has an incredibly solid, trusted solution for gathering insights at different stages for organizations. 

Most recently, they’ve been working with clients in the financial industry to help those organizations build out mobile banking tools. Phase 5 drives insights for determining a certain unmet need, what kind of experience customers expect, etc. They can even go as granular as to survey customers to determine specific features and other details of the user interface. 

With Voxco, Phase 5 continues to offer a full stack solution for organizations that want to stay consistent and strong in this age of customer centricity and rapid lifecycles.


Emicity Research consultant case study

Research Consultancy Emicity’s Drives Productivity & Stays Competitive With Voxco

The Client

Emicity is a research consultancy based in the US with a broad range of North American clients. From across many different sectors, including goods, services, non-profits, B2B, and more, their expertise is mainly rooted in informing brand positioning decisions and insights-driven product development recommendations.

Formerly known as “Consumer Insights, Inc.”, Emicity launched in 1995 as a pioneer in the market research space. Under that name, they built a broad roster of clients almost entirely by referrals from satisfied customers. And every new vertical they enter has even further enriched their research methods.

The Challenge

Having been a customer of at least four separate survey software solutions, Emicity’s team was disturbed with inconsistencies in product offerings and blatant errors in logic programming. While look and feel is important to their work, the true essence of their research methodologies relies on sophisticated logic jumps.

“We didn’t want to compromise on our methodological capabilities. We needed a solution that helped up build tactile surveys that consumers would engage with – while controlling for bias and other kinds of research errors.”
– Karl Schmidt, President.

Another issue that Emicity had with other solutions was their pricing. They found that the price point would climb with little notice, which could threaten the strength of Emicity’s business model as a full service, end-to-end research consultancy.

Unsatisfied with the informal workarounds for their methodologies and sky-rocketing pricing, Emicity implemented a new tool across their operations – Voxco’s Online Survey Software.


The Solution

In Voxco, Emicity found a tool that could meet them where they were and where they wanted to go!

They are empowered by Voxco’s full stack of logic capabilities and can build robust surveys, without missing out on quality or complexity. Their surveys can get incredibly complex if the clients’ studies require it – like in the event that advanced segmentation is needed.

“In fact, we’ve found that we have even been able to save time overall, because Voxco’s Online tool is really built for what we need it to do!

In essence, we write the survey and then make the software do what we need it to do! Voxco’s competitive pricing has allowed us to offer our clients full-service project solutions for the same cost they were paying to other survey software companies just for the software–for surveys they then had to write, program, field and analyze themselves.

Those kinds of shifts have been a win-win.

They reinforce our value as a partner to our clients and free up those client-side researchers to spend more time as a strategic consultant to their own internal teams and less time stuck at their desk executing actual surveys.“

Karl Schmidt, President

Voxco’s tools are made for and by research professionals, so all the features are there to help research firms succeed and conduct intricate studies, gleaning rich data. In addition, the tools are priced fairly for research budgets – allowing researchers to provide sophisticated solutions and remain relevant in a space that is becoming increasingly competitive.

Complex Logic & Robust Insights: No Compromises, No Workarounds

Emicity has been able to maintain and even increase, in some cases, their level of productivity.

On another note, Voxco’s customer support has proven to be really responsive. As the work that Emicity does is quite complex, they sometimes have tricky questions for the team, but they are always prompt to respond and work towards a solution if need be.


FocusBari Audience measurement case study

How This European Firm Measures Media Audiences with Multiple Survey Modes.

The Client

Focus Bari is a Greek market research company that offers project design, execution, and CX-related services with a data-driven mindset. They serve a wide range of notable international corporate and media clients. One of their key offerings, in which they have 30 years experience, is media audience surveys for radio, print, and online media.

Focus Bari was founded in 1988 and boasts an expert team of 25 professionals (plus 120 interviewers) and software suite, including Voxco Multi-Mode, which is a blend of our phone, online, and face-to-face survey software solutions.

The Challenge

Since its launch, Focus Bari has always been a leader in providing quality audience measurement data to their clients. A few years ago, their initial software solution was no longer available, so they worked to find a solution quickly, as downtime was simply not an option.

Their search ended when they found Voxco Survey Software, boasting a centralized platform and compatible scripting across all survey modes – which was integral for FocusBari’s operations.

The Solution

Voxco Survey Software was built by industry experts that understand the importance of seamless data collection in the context of audience measurement.


“Relying on Voxco as our survey software provider has proved to be an excellent choice for our business. While our research requires us to use multiple survey modes (including phone surveys, online surveys, and face-to-face surveys), we’re able to collect the data in one centralized database. This makes our work more streamlined.”

Valeria Tsamis, Managing Director FocusBari

The Results: Streamlined Data Collection Across Multiple Survey Modes

Focus Bari has been able to widen their scope and reach new respondents using CATI, CAWI, and CAPI surveys. They are now able to increase their volume of data collection, reach wider audiences, and deliver to clients quicker – as they are collecting more data, but all into one centralized database.

Increasing the volume of their surveys, while streamlining their data collection and processing operations has contributed to Focus Bari’s success as an increasingly productive audience measurement firm.


Siena College Monumental live polling project for midterm elections

Siena College uses Voxco Survey Software for NYT Upshot Polls.

The Live Polling Project

In partnership with The Siena College Research Institute (SRCI), The Upshot division of The New York Times launched an unprecedented initiative that published live poll results during the 2018 midterm elections.

More than one hundred polls were conducted and close to 3 million phone calls were made to gauge voter intentions in the most competitive House and Senate races. This project was executed using Voxco Survey Software and Voxco’s client network…

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Frost & Sullivan

Global research firm labels Voxco Online ‘best value in the industry’.

The Client

Frost & Sullivan is one of the industry’s premiere growth partnership firms. For over 50 years, over 1000 analysts on six continents monitor and analyze today’s rapidly fluctuating economic environment to guide clients from over 300 industries address challenges, meet growth targets, and develop core business strategies. With such an intense focus on identifying emerging trends and guiding future growth, online surveys play a significant role in the majority of Frost & Sullivan’s research projects.

The Challenge

The Frost & Sullivan team executes around 1,000 survey projects per year, deploying up to 100,000 online surveys to panels and client-supplied lists of respondents. With this high volume of projects, online survey development requires a significant amount of resources.

Considering the resources devoted to creating and deploying online surveys, efficiency is essential. So as a part of the best practice, every three years the Research Operations team conducts a multi-tiered, formal evaluation of leading professional online survey platforms on the market. They rigorously evaluate the features, productivity gains, and value offered by leading platforms.

The Solution

The 2014 evaluation wasn’t even close. Voxco Online scored near the top of almost every technical feature category. For price, Voxco was the lowest among equally-featured platforms. The results were clear: Voxco offered the best value of any professional survey software, hands down.

Once the team transitioned to Voxco, they were satisfied with the significant productivity gains they experienced, which exceeded their expectations. What used to take hours now took minutes. They were now completing complex questionnaires in less time, for less money.

The Results

Frost & Sullivan have been a loyal Voxco client ever since. They have gained a significant amount of time thanks to major productivity boosts using the platform. The Research Operations team is confident that when they do their next scheduled software evaluation, Voxco Online will comfortably remain the obvious choice.

“Voxco Online offers 90-95% of the features of other professional survey software, at one third of the price. It is, quite simply, the best value in the industry. “

Sascha Vetter, Director of Research Operations
Frost & Sullivan



National retailer expands Online Grocery PickUp service using Voxco Online customer feedback.

The Client

Walmart Canada is one of Canada’s largest retail chains, with over 400 stores offering approximately 120,000 products, including fresh groceries. Its mission is to help customers save money so they can live better. Walmart Canada’s online store offers a vast assortment customers can have delivered to their home, shipping locker or Canada Post outlet.

The Challenge

In September 2015, Walmart Canada launched its Online Grocery PickUp service in the Ottawa-area. Using this service, customers can log into the Walmart Canada website and purchase grocery items for pick up at their local participating Walmart store, where a Walmart associate loads their fresh grocery order into their vehicle.

Building on the success of the Ottawa-area service, Walmart added the Online Grocery PickUp service for Toronto-area customers. To ensure it was meeting customer needs and expectations, Walmart Canada’s online customer experience team developed a customer feedback survey to better understand the customer experience in three important areas:

  • Communication of the new process. Customers would need to understand the new Online Grocery PickUp process immediately, as it was so different from existing Walmart shopping options.
  • Customer satisfaction team response. There were bound to be some hiccups along the way, so how efficiently would customer representatives deal with these inevitable calls?
  • Product variety. If successful, the program would need to start offering access to even more groceries – customer feedback could help Walmart Canada expand their grocery offering in the right areas.

The Solution

Using Voxco Online, Walmart Canada’s online customer experience team implemented online surveys to collect feedback from customers about their experience using the grocery pickup service.

The Results

The survey results helped the online customer experience team identify key insights that would help improve the Grocery PickUp service. Key improvements include:

  • Improved process communication. On the website, the user experience has been simplified to more clearly communicate the three-step process. Communications at each point in the pickup process have also been tweaked for clarity.
  • Better customer satisfaction team training. Customer service associates have received improved training to help customers understand the most common issues.
  • Increased product variety. The number of products available for pickup has been expanded from 3,000 to 7,000 in just a few months based on direct customer requests for specific grocery items.

The Online Grocery PickUp service was an immediate success in Ottawa, and has since been expanded into Toronto. Voxco Online surveys are continuing to be used to gather key customer feedback to help Walmart Canada better serve their customers.

“Voxco Online has helped us deliver our Grocery Pickup service in a way that truly builds on our customers’ feedback and needs. The survey tool is fantastic –very easy to use and it’s fun to build and deploy the surveys. As we work to continuously improve our Grocery PickUp service, we’re excited to be using a tool that helps us easily understand and respond to customer feedback. “

Bonni Poch, Manager, Online Customer Experience
Walmart Canada


Brain Research

Leading regional MR firm maximizes interviewer productivity with Voxco Mobile Offline.

The Client

Brain Research is one of the largest independent full-service market research agencies in Latin America. Brain actively manages urban consumer-intercept projects for many of the region’s largest consumer-goods firms, including Coca-Cola and Unilever. But their previous in-person interviewing software provider was unable to keep up with Brain’s heavy usage requirements and project complexity.

The Challenge

Brain’s team programs new surveys every day. They field face-to-face offline surveys via a fluctuating team of up to 300 interviewers each month. In this hectic environment, it is crucial to efficiently program engaging surveys, ensure interviewer quotas are met, and quickly synchronize completed survey data.

Before 2014, Brain used a CAPI software with three major issues that crippled their project efficiency:

1. Some advanced programming feature sets were missing. The Brain team often managed 50-question brand awareness surveys and needed to keep surveys as engaging as possible for respondents.

2. Technical support and scripting assistance were very slow, often taking up to a week. Support was not offered in Spanish.

3. Synchronization times were abnormally long (up to 48 hours), delayed based on the software provider’s other clients queued up to sync at the same time.

Brain was desperate for an offline face-to-face interviewing solution that could more fluidly handle more complex survey projects simultaneously.

The Solution

Brain first used Voxco Mobile Offline in February 2014. Their project management was instantly improved:

  • Project managers could easily program and assign efficient questionnaires using Voxco Mobile Offline’s advanced survey design interface. They could finally use advanced feature sets (eg. rosters) that they previously lacked.
  • The global Voxco support team was always on-hand to answer technical questions. Voxco helped Brain overcome roadblocks and achieve their desired scripting goals.
  • Synchronization times were unlimited. When interviewers returned from offline fieldwork and synced their devices, the project managers were able to immediately begin reviewing the data.

The Results

Brain has since adopted Voxco Mobile Offline as their sole tablet interviewing software. The efficiency gains have been tremendous: programming, interviewing, syncing, and reporting times have improved project productivity by over 60%.

Brain is continually growing. Recently, Brain has been regularly winning competitive pitches in the region including projects involving thousands of in-person interviews on many devices. Brain is always able to confidently accept the work, knowing that Voxco Mobile Offline is up to the task.

Brain are quickly positioning themselves as experts in face-to-face data collection of an urban population. This is thanks in part to the seamless projects they run using Voxco Mobile Offline.

“60% of the CAPI software we have tried is overly simple. But Voxco Mobile Offline helps us efficiently manage multiple projects and interviewers simultaneously. The platform extends our ability to productively manage our busy intercept survey projects, and the confidence to support major new clients.

Laura Ruvalcaba, President & CEO
Brain Research



Interviewers use Voxco Mobile Offline to survey 250,000 multilingual Hong Kong tourists.

The Client

Cimigo is an organization of 200 market research specialists working in offices all across Asia – including China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. They form lasting partnerships with the regions’ leading brands, using market research to deliver actionable brand insights.

The Challenge

One of Cimigo’s clients recently contracted them to plan and execute one of Hong Kong’s largest tourism studies. They would need to interview thousands of tourists at Hong Kong borders per year, and measure differences in experiences and satisfaction levels over time.

In 2014, when Cimigo won this research in a competitive pitch, there was a real opportunity to improve the process of data collection and data delivery, with a required sample size of N=250,000 annually. That’s when Voxco entered the picture.

The Solution

The Cimigo integration of Voxco Mobile Offline software was almost immediate. Using survey software that’s intuitively designed for face-to-face interviewing, Cimigo was able to plan and execute a robust data collection program. Since September 2014, a team of 40 interviewers has been working with handheld tablets using an industry-standard OS. Voxco Mobile Offline seamlessly serves the on-site interviewers with questionnaires in seven languages, and the interviewers walk international respondents through the surveys. About 10% of the interviews are automatically audio-recorded for quality control reasons, and importantly for all concerned, these are linked to data records for easy retrieval.

Interviewers are stationed at various departure points in Hong Kong – popular overground borders and the Hong Kong airport. Some of these locations have WiFi connections, in which case the survey data syncs to Cimigo’s central database every five minutes. Tablets being used in locations without WiFi are synched all at once at the end of each day’s interviews. Once synched, data is cleared from the tablets for privacy and security reasons.

Once the data arrives in the central database, it can be instantly analyzed by the Cimigo team, and regular reports can be sent out to key stakeholders. If changes need to be made to the questionnaires, they are made centrally and pushed out to interviewers’ tablets every time they sync data, even during fieldwork.

The Results

Compared to the client’s previous solution, Cimigo’s improvements to project efficiency have been impressive:

  • Higher response rates: Interviews are completed faster and more effectively.
  • Broader reach: Multi-lingual surveys help interviewers complete surveys with a broader audience of respondents.
  • Offline capability: Despite the upgraded survey technology, interviewers aren’t limited to working in WiFi-only locales.
  • Improved data recovery: 100% accuracy between the data collection point and the data analysis tool. No manual data transfers means no room for error.
  • Interviewer quality control: Using audio recordings helps track respondent experiences and control interviewer quality.

“Voxco Mobile Offline software has allowed us to significantly enhance the effectiveness of our face-to-face interviewing study of Hong Kong tourism. We’re able to reach more respondents, in less time, using less resources. Voxco Mobile Offline has been a great tool to help us complete a project of this size.”

Chris Farquhar, Managing Partner
Cimigo Limited Hong Kong



Evolving product testing with unique 3D virtual environments & Voxco Multi-Mode.

The Client

Stratégir specializes in market research studies for consumer packaged goods, services, and luxury brands. Based in Bordeaux, France, they deliver shopper and consumer insights to over 30 countries through their offices in Lyon, Mannheim, London, Madrid, Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York. Stratégir partners with their clients on their brand evolution, and the development of concepts, packaging and final products.

To ensure their clients of a quality data collection process that engages respondents, Stratégir was one of the very first organizations to develop virtual 3D shopping environments that use mobile eye tracking and life-sized shelves to realistically test products and packaging. Their methods offer survey respondents an extremely realistic virtual shopping experience, and allows for very accurate data collection. The organization is constantly improving its surveying technology and uses it to conduct surveys face-to-face, over the phone, and most recently via auto-complete surveys online.

The Challenge

In 2011, the Stratégir team was using CAPI and CATI software which had stability and security problems. The data that was being gathered through each platform was stored in separate databases which considerably complicated their data analysis process. To add to their problems, the dated software was no longer able to keep up with market evolution or where Stratégir’s virtual technology was headed.

The team set out to find a new technology partner for survey software. The chosen solution would need to complement their increasingly complex virtual technology and would have to be flexible and powerful enough to accommodate their modern data collection methods:

  • Some respondents needed to be recruited on the street (respondent qualification), often in areas without internet collection.
  • Some qualified candidates were later interviewed in a recreated shopping environment. An interviewer would use a hand-held device to record their current purchase habits, preferences and feedback.
  • Other qualified respondents were given products to take home and they were called on a daily or weekly basis to gather product usage and satisfaction data.
  • Each individual respondent’s data would need to be gathered into a central database that compiled cases from every possible point of contact (on the street, in a controlled product-testing environment, over the phone). The data would then be analyzed as quickly as possible to report insights back to their clients.

The Solution

A thorough evaluation of the Voxco software platform finally put to rest their search for a solution. Stratégir determined that Voxco Multi-Mode could achieve their current data collection methods. Most importantly, it would keep up with the constant technological evolution of their own 3D simulation software.

Voxco Multi-Mode effectively offers many advantages over its competitors:

  • Data centralization: Multi-Mode uses one core database that connects data gathered face-to-face with data from telephone or online surveys. This allows for easy roll-outs of massive multi-platform data collection campaigns (eg. Future phone interviews can be scheduled on the street by in-person interviewers)
  • Simplicity of implementation: the intuitive Voxco software adapts easily to the complex requirements of Stratégir.
  • Powerful questionnaire management: the flexible scripting functionality allows the simple integration of some very complex studies in a short amount of time. Modifications can be made to questionnaires at any time that are immediately pushed live.
  • Multi-device interviewer capability: Face-to-face interviewers could use PCs, tablets or smartphones to conduct interviews, even when they were offline. Regardless of the device, the questionnaire and the backend logic were identical.

The Results

Since partnering with Voxco, Stratégir has further expanded its data collection methods to self-completion surveys via respondents’ mobile and web devices, and Voxco is keeping pace with Voxco Online.

Voxco Multi-Mode allows for not only significantly enhanced productivity and efficiency in Stratégir’s existing data collection process, but a real opportunity to reach more respondents for more clients using their cutting-edge 3D product-testing technology.

Their Director of Operations considers Voxco an integral partner and a “growth enabler” for the organization. As Stratégir plans the constant evolution of its own technology, they rest comfortable knowing that their survey software partner will be keeping pace.

“We execute hundreds of product-test surveys each year. Voxco Multi-Mode has allowed us to perfectly synchronize our different data collection methods, whether we’re recruiting on the street, testing products in a controlled virtual environment, or getting feedback over the phone. We’ve finally found a survey partner with whom it is easy to plan future projects thanks to the software’s ability to adapt and evolve right alongside our own technology.”

Luc Milbergue, CEO