Conduct sophisticated survey research with survey software company in Canada

The most flexible survey software in the industry is right here in Canada. Is your survey software 100% Canadian? Ours is.

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Trusted by Canadian brands, government and public sector departments.

Choose a Canadian survey software company with unparalleled functionality and design


100% Canadian Survey Software

For over 25 years, Voxco has been the leading survey software provider in Canada. Our clients use flexible survey tools and secure data hosting to conduct sophisticated survey research.


Powerful features

In feature comparisons, Voxco CATI beats the competition with call blending, in-call routing, IVR, flexible quota creation, and more.

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Canadian Sales support 24x7

Every Canadian survey software client of ours has access to Canadian sales and support team who provide round the clock support service. Accelerate your survey project timelines with easy access to technical support, sales support and documentation.


SaaS or on-site hosting

Survey data is secure on our Canadian servers. Unless you want to host them on your own infrastructure. We offer that too!

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Flexible pricing model

Pay for one year of use, on a project basis, or buy our Canadian survey software directly. We will find a price suitable for your budget and we will respect it.

control panel

Panel Manager

Do you manage your own fluctuating panel of loyal respondents? We offer an integrated sample management and panelist engagement tool to manage all Canadian panelist.

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White Labeled Canadian survey software

Voxco is the only survey software in Canada that allows you to create branded surveys without any restrictions. Custom branding, custom URLs, thank you pages, redirects and more.

Capture Omnichannel survey research with Survey Software in Canada!

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Collect Customer Feedback from online channels like social media, email, web surveys or pop-ups.

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Use Voxco CATI with Cloud-based Dialer and Voxco IVR to improve productivity by 400%

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Analyze Survey data with live dashboards, in-depth reporting and perform complex statistical Analysis.

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For the last 25 years, Voxco has been the industry leading survey software provider in Canada for federal and provincial governments, social research and public opinion experts and market research companies.

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Government Organizations

Create multi-lingual regional surveys to understand the requirements of your constituents and community in great detail. 

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Healthcare Organizations

Maintain data privacy, encrypt survey responses, combine survey data with operation data and more while hosting your data in Canada.

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Data Collection Centers

Conduct large-scale phone survey studies efficiently with CATI survey software in Canada

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Academic Researchers

Conduct sophisticated, multi-variate and cross -sectional studies easily. Use survey software hosted in Canada that is used by top research institues across globe.

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Customer satisfaction surveys, Employee experience surveys or product experience surveys, do it all from one single survey platform in Canada.

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Experience true flexibility with omnichannel data collection, panel providers and in-built survey analysis software. 

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Find the key drivers behind social phenomena with descriptive and quantitative surveys on our survey software in Canada.

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Gather rich insights from donors, volunteers and every stakeholder with engaging, branded and responsive surveys.

Voxco Online

Engage your respondents with engaging web surveys using a flexible survey software in Canada. Create, design, preview and distribute online surveys easily using Voxco’s online survey software in Canada. 

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Standard questions

Drag and drop dozens of standard question types: multiple choice, slider, drop-down list, net recommendation rate, ordering, text response, etc.

Advanced questions

We offer a large library of types of advanced questions: hybrid grid, constant sum, image area evaluator, linked list and geolocation

Design potential

Attract your respondents with attractive surveys on all devices. The drag and drop design editor allows you to customize the polls at will.

Personalized programming

Prefer to program? Advanced users will easily switch from drag and drop to coding to create questions, logic, and appearance.

Powerful logic options

Your questions are personalized and remain relevant to each respondent with the fluid logic that underpins Voxco Online surveys.

Multimedia integration and download

Include photos, videos, or audio files in surveys, or ask respondents to upload their own with their responses.

Voxco CATI

Improve call center productivity by more than 400% using phone survey software in Canada. Access advanced interviewer tools, hybrid dialer modes, integrated IVR system and more!

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CATI survey software

Voxco is the leading survey software in Canada for CATI surveys. Scale your Canada CATI survey projects with Voxco with 0 downtime, advanced quota management tools, interviewer tools, secure access and more

IVR survey software

Create self completion surveys with IVR survey software in Canada. Use automatic call distribution, callback management, create call queues, manage call workflows and more with drag and drop survey software in Canada. 

Auto Dialer

Combine Voxco CATI and IVR with Voxco Dialer to boost productivity for your Canada based call center. Access multiple calling modes, advanced call machine detection and intelligent routing system and more!

Voxco Panel Manager

Maximize the productivity of your Canadian survey projects with robust panel management software

panel management

Create Target Panels using Voxco Audience

Access 10M+ professionals for your Canadian survey projects. Easily create panels, distribute surveys and analyze responses in real time with Voxco Audience

Live attendance and frequency reports.

Live access to participation analysis, dropout rate, activity by device type and response frequencies.

Secure API integration.

 Easily and securely connect the survey platform to third-party systems and sample providers

Robust distribution programming

Schedule smart distribution schedules that reach defined segments via email, social media, SMS or pop-ups.

Automated quota management.

Define quotas by project or according to one or more strata of respondents. Surveys adapt seamlessly as quotas are reached.

Flexible sample management.

Schedule sample imports in a variety of formats and target defined segments with anonymous, PIN-protected or invitation-only surveys.

Safe and Secure Canadian Survey Software for your survey research!

data security

Data Protection

Get a survey software provider in Canada which is fully compliant with EU, Canada and GDPR privacy laws.

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Canada Based Servers

The only survey software in Canada with both on-premise and cloud hosting options. Store all your survey data inside Canada on secure servers.


Advanced Security Features

Protect your surveys from duplication using IP verification, password protection and SSL encryption with our Canadian survey software.

See how our Canadian clients use Voxco!


Yes, Voxco is a Canadian survey software company. Our headquarters are at 1440 St. Catherine Street West Suite 900,Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1R8, CANADA

Voxco has data centers in Montreal, Canada 

Using a survey software based in Canada helps you protect the data, comply with Canadian privacy laws and enhance your data security by limiting the access to the data.