Boost Productivity with a Canada IVR System

Access the leading Canadian IVR survey system to conduct self completion surveys with advanced features. Try the IVR survey software used by Canada government agencies, top brands and universities! 

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With Voxco IVR Survey Software

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Advanced Canada Hosted IVR Solutions

Voxco is the top IVR survey software in Canada with both on-premise and cloud hosting offerings, 25+ years of industry experience and manual dialing compliant software. With Voxco, Canadian organizations can create call flows of any complexity with simple drag and drop software, keep track of survey progresses and combine self completion surveys with phone, online and field surveys.

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Access a Canada IVR software with Omnichannel capabilities

Access a complete integrated survey software in Canada and conduct end to end survey research with IVR surveys, online surveys, phone surveys and field surveys. Exchange the dataset without any restrictions using a single platform.

Multiple Self-completion survey modes with Canada IVR Survey Software

Manage incoming and outgoing calls using the same platform. Improve the agent productivity by reducing their wait times, intelligent routing and engage respondents with custom announcements.

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Inbound mode IVR

Manage incoming respondents call. Collect answers using keypad. Ideal for customer & patient satisfaction programs based a permanent phone number.

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Outbound mode IVR

Collect customer feedback at scale with self complete pre recorded IVR surveys. Ideal for measuring customer satisfaction across multiple touch points.

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Mixed mode IVR

Conduct self-administered IVR surveys while managing incoming CATI calls with call hold, intelligent routing or self serving options.

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Manage Calls at Peak times with Canada IVR System

Manage calls at peak times with smart features like skill based routing, call hold settings, self-serve options and automated workflows. Manage agent availability by cutting down on wait and hold time.

Feature rich IVR company in Canada

Improve productivity of self completion surveys by 400% with intelligent routing mechanism, custom rules, workflow designer and more.

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Cost-effective IVR surveys & messaging in Canada

Voxco’s Canada IVR system is a state-of-the-art Interactive Voice Response survey system. It gives you an easy and cost effective way to deliver self-completion surveys and automated messages to a broad audience.

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In survey mode, respondents answer questionnaires any time they like through simple touch tone interaction on their phone.

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In messaging mode, the Voxco IVR system broadcasts messages for customer satisfaction programs.


After you schedule a demo with the team, our team will set an account for you. With complete onboarding assistance and migration assistance, you can start conducting IVR surveys within a week.

IVR company (Interactive Voice response system) allows organizations to connect with respondents using an automated recorded voice script. Canadian organizations use IVR survey softwares to connect with customers, donors, respondents and manage phone surveys at scale without human intervention.

IVR company in Canada are used to collect respondent feedback by using the respondent’s keypad. Every respondent is called with a pre-recorded workflow and respondents are prompted to provide responses using the telephone keypad. The responses are collected and stored in the database using data servers in Canada (if you are using Canada IVR company like Voxco).