After Call Work

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What is After Call Work?

After-Call Work or AWC in a call center are the tasks that agents have to perform after a call is completed. After every phone conversation, the agent must submit some data related to the call into the system.

Before moving on to the next call, the agent has to complete these tasks. Until the completion of after-call work, the agent’s status displays busy or not available to ensure no call is made. 

The tasks that the agent needs to take care of after calls are:

  • Updating information about the customer in the database
  • Adding ticket numbers
  • Putting notes about the call, such as the reason for the call, outcome, etc.
  • Logging the call
  • Sending follow up mail to the caller

Once the agent completes these tasks, their status changes to ‘available.’ They are again ready for a new call.

How do you calculate After Call Work?

A significant point to note about calculating after-call time is that when call centers measure the Average Handling Time, they include “Wrap Time” along with the “Talk Time” and “Hold Time.”

Wrap Time indicates the total time an agent takes to complete the after-call work. Even though the customer is not involved in the wrap time, AWC is indirectly a part of the interaction. This makes Wrap Time a key metric when calculating AHT.

Why should you track After Call Work time?

As mentioned previously, ACW is a vital metric for measuring the Average Handling Time of a Call Center. 

Customer wait time: If the after-call work time of your agents is high, there is the possibility that the wait time for incoming calls is high. By tracking the ACW of your agents, you can train the agents or update the software to reduce it.

Process Issue: Tracking ACW can highlight the issues faced by your agents when they work on updating information on the database. You can counter such issues by fixing the software or updating it.

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What are the factors that influence an agent's After Call Work?

Four factors are impacting the ACW. These factors are the reason behind the difference in time spent on ACW from call center to call center.

How can you reduce After Call Work of your agents?

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Why is After Call Work important for your call center?

Think of after-call work as a necessity rather than a pressure. The work that agents put in to update the customer information after every call helps the company stay connected with their customers. 

Taking a bit more time and updating additional information about the customer can help improve customer satisfaction. This can improve the service level for the next customer interaction.


  • It isn’t easy to follow up with what took place after the call. This makes post-call work the scalable solution to ensure that customer issues are resolved efficiently.
  • Precise ACW makes it easy for the managers to track how correctly the agents are entering the data. If the agents are tagging and assigning tickets properly and schedule follow-ups to the customers, the managers can check the agents’ performance

Sales Process:

  • Sales departments also depend heavily on good customer relationships for business. It is essential to maintain a personalized conversation with potential customers. However, during peak hours, it may become difficult for the sales reps to identify who is who. 
  • Take some extra seconds and add some customer-centric details to the database. This additional information will help the next agent maintain a good relationship with the customer and provide exemplary customer service.

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ACW or After Call Work in a Call Center is a term used to define the task an agent has to complete after every call with their customer. The agent must update information about the customer and the conversation before they can take up the next call

An agent in a call center generally takes between 60 to 120 seconds to make notes and schedule follow up for the customer.

In a call center, AHT is calculated by taking talk time, hold time, and after-call work time into consideration. Although no customer interaction takes place during ACW, it is indirectly a part of the interaction. Moreover, no call is attended during ACW, so it impacts the AHT.