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What is Call Transfer?

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Call transfer is a process of redirecting a call to another number or messaging system. In simple words, it is a telephony feature used by call center agents for transferring live calls to other agents. This process is often performed by using a dedicated call transfer button either on a physical phone or through software.

In case a caller gets connected to the wrong agent or department, the call can be transferred to an appropriate person instead of having the caller hang up and dial a different number. A call transfer is an excellent way of delivering better customer service and maximizing your agents’ productivity.

Why call transfer plays a crucial role in improving customer service?

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Connecting to the experts 

It’s not possible for anyone to become a master of every skill. There will always be an agent who would be better than the other for dealing with something. By leveraging call transferring, agents can quickly transfer a call to another agent who’s more proficient to resolve your caller’s issues. This helps to resolve cases faster as the customer doesn’t have to wait on the call for too long. 

Offering personalized support 

There are cases where a customer wants to get in touch with a specific agent or vice-versa, i.e. where an agent knows how to effectively handle a particular customer. Regardless of the scenario, call transfer plays a pivotal role in providing personalized customer support that your callers crave for. By delivering contextual customer support, it makes your customer feel valued and appreciated amongst the other callers.

What are the types of call transfers?

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Warm Transfer

On performing a warm transfer, you directly talk to another agent before transferring a call. It also lets you exchange call notes with the agent. It makes it easy for the agent (who receives the transferred call) to offer personalized and contextually relevant service to the concerned customer. With warm transfers, your callers don't have to repeat their issues for getting a resolution. Also known as an announced transfer or hot transfer, it plays a key role in achieving improved customer satisfaction and increased agent productivity.

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Cold Transfer

In cold transfer, you can transfer a call to another agent or department without notifying them in advance. This transfer is also referred to as blind transfer or unannounced transfer. A cold transfer works well in cases where the call is transferred to an agent who is specialized in a certain kind of call query and is proficient to handle it without the required information or context. For instance, the transfer of calls from a bank’s call center to the credit card department.

Making the most of your call transfers

Always inform your customers

Make your callers aware that you're going to transfer their call to another agent. As your customer's time is crucial, give them the authority to refuse the transfer too! If your customer believes that transferring the call would too time-consuming, let them drop a message and call back later as per their convenience. As the customer could be at work or using a payphone, it's important to take their permission before the call transfer.

Provide details about the transfer

No matter how hard you try, the call can be dropped in between a transfer. It gets extremely annoying for a customer to call back without knowing whom to contact and it wastes their time too. By telling your customer about the agent you are transferring him/her to and sharing that agent's direct phone number, you can avoid such confusion. So in case, the call gets dropped, the caller can reach out to that agent directly.

Make them aware of the possibilities

Your customers might get confused with the quirks of your telephone system. It's essential to make them aware of the possibilities while getting transferred. Would there be some seconds of dead air? Will there be some sound that might sound like their call been disconnected? Always tell your callers in advance so they do not hang up the call!

Introduce your customers

If your telephony system makes you stay on the line even after transferring a call, you should always make a formal introduction. Telling your agent about the customer and providing a brief summary of the overall situation will make them comfortable and reduce time consumption too.

Never forget to thank customers

Always appreciate your callers for their patience before transferring them to the appropriate agent. Let them know that you value their time and how much it matters to you.

How Voxco can help you make the most of your Call Transfers?

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Intelligent routing

Voxco’s best-in-class contact center software comes equipped with an intelligent routing system that ensures callers are transferred to the right agents in the first go.

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Enhanced interview capabilities

With advanced capabilities like a direct conference and transfer out, Voxco comes equipped with all the tools that your agents need to seamlessly perform call transfer and handle the customers.

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Productivity monitoring tools

Voxco’s robust contact center software lets you closely monitor your agents through live productivity dashboards so you can transfer calls as per agents’ availability and performance.

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Advanced Telephony Features

Voxco’s Dialer Software is power-packed with advanced features like call transfer, call conferencing, audio playback, and more that add more flexibility to your contact center. Make the most of your contact center by blending inbound calls with outbound ones.

Call Transfer: FAQs

Call transfer is a telephony feature that enables an agent to transfer a call to another agent.

The call transfer can either be a warm transfer or a cold transfer. The warm transfers are informed transfers wherein the receivers are provided sufficient information whereas the cold transfers are unannounced or blind transfers.

The need for a call transfer arises when a caller reaches a wrong department or when only a particular agent or department can resolve the query a customer is facing.

In a call transfer, the call gets transitioned from one agent to another after the beginning of a conversation. A call forwarding is different because it usually occurs before answering the call.

  • Always inform your customers
  • Provide details about the transfer 
  • Make them aware of the possibilities 
  • Never forget to thank customers
  • Introduce your customers
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Great Research
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Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries