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What is Call Tagging?

Managing all phone calls at a contact center can be tricky. An effective call tagging makes it simple. Call Tagging is a process designed for the classification of calls on the basis of predefined settings. It is an efficient way of analyzing, grouping, or searching for calls with various outcomes. By using these call tags, it becomes easy to add notes and ratings to the call which helps marketing and sales teams to identify trends. This works for both incoming as well as outgoing calls.

You can easily classify any call by assigning an unlimited number of tags to it.  These tags will help to represent the perception of customers about your product or service. These tags might help to remind you about pending internal tasks, like calling back a customer for their appointment scheduling or following up on their requests. Moreover, you can pre-set certain tags and seamlessly add them to your calls with a single click

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Why should businesses invest in call tagging?

Organizing and identifying calls made easy

Organizing and identifying calls made easy

The key advantage of using a call tagging system is the organization of calls. By leveraging a series of predefined call tags, you can effortlessly categorize your calls as per your business needs. This enables you to discover and sort the calls attended by your agents so you can analyze them & set up new processes too (if required).

Identifying barriers

Identifying barriers have never been so effortless

The calls which do not convert should be carefully reviewed to identify the reason behind them. For instance, if a lead had some objection due to the cost of your product, you could include a tag - “high cost." Likewise, if your lead says that your product doesn't have some particular feature that he/she needs, you can add a tag - “missing feature."

Attracting qualified leads

Attracting qualified leads is imperative

By helping marketing departments to revamp their existing strategies, the call tagging system plays a pivotal role in determining the quality of leads. With call tags, it gets easy to figure out the number of calls arising from potential clients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Also, determining the common reasons behind refusal and overcoming them becomes simple.    

With exclusive phone numbers for marketing campaigns, you can gain visibility into their effectiveness by identifying the calls that originated through them. Assign a specific tag to all those calls to check where the leads are originating from.

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What are the advantages of using call tagging?

lead quality

It measures lead quality

Measuring lead quality is the primary goal of every marketer. Call tagging makes use of tracking numbers to identify if the marketing methods are generating phone calls or not. By listening to calls from a particular tracking number where the callers aren’t quite interested, you can tag those as ‘cold lead’ or ‘not close to buying’. This helps you to determine the effectiveness of your campaign, i.e. if it’s generating hot leads or not.

angry customers

It tags angry customers

How many calls do you receive from angry customers on a daily basis? Is it 10? Maybe 15? You can make a guess but it's not possible to tell precisely how many angry customers contact you. 

Every time you get an angry customer call, you should tag the call - ‘angry.’ After receiving a series of angry customer calls, you should consider its pattern. Once you identify a pattern and look for a reason behind their anger, it becomes easy to fix the problem.

compelling strategies

It creates compelling strategies

Call tagging is a smart choice that lets you understand why a particular customer didn’t buy from your company. There's no guessing game involved like other businesses. Moreover, you don't have to invest in expensive research, which saves your money too! 

With call tagging, you can listen to a call and tag the reason why a customer didn't invest. As the customer directly shares the reason with you, it lets you create a compelling strategy for winning them back!

lead leakage

It minimizes lead leakage

There's no doubt that every business has some cracks in their customer experience funnel from which the leads fall through. This gives rise to lead leakage and call tagging can easily mitigate it. On tagging the call as a ‘hot prospect’ or ‘hot lead’, it gets easy to group such calls together and track them too.

re market

It helps to re-market

Suppose a prospect calls to inquire about a product that he/she wants to buy. While the prospect likes your product but couldn't buy as the time isn't right somehow. In this case, you can tag to re-market your product to them in the future. Depending on what they shared in the call, you can add tags that highlight how the product should be re-marketed. This plays a critical role in planning your future marketing efforts.

competitor analysis

It helps with competitor analysis

Do your prospects compare you with competitors? What aspects of your businesses do they compare? Call tagging helps you focus on the differentiators that your competitors have. By tagging the competitor’s name or the reference that your potential customers provide, you can concentrate on the areas that need improvement. This elevates your business practices.


It improves agents’ behavior

While we mainly focus on creating tags on the basis of what the prospect shared in the call. It's essential to create a tag on the basis of how your agent behaved on the call. 

For instance: your agent was quite rude on the call and didn't talk politely to the customer. So, you can add a tag - ‘rude’ or ‘rude employee.’ This way you can identify which agents are behaving rudely on the phone and you can train them accordingly!

Making the most of your call tagging with Voxco

Flexible hosting 1

Flexible hosting

Voxco offers flexible hosting options that make it easy for you to either store your data on your premises (compliant with your security protocols) or securely in the cloud.

Premium service and support 1

Premium support

Voxco's exceptional support teams work around the clock to ensure you get the most from your call tagging practices.

Powerful Analytics 1

Powerful Analytics

Gathering customer data has never been so simple! Voxco lets you uncover insights through powerful analytics tools for effective call tagging. Our advanced dashboards come equipped with customizable reports to power your call tagging processes.

Complaint with regulations

Compliant with regulations

At Voxco, we value data privacy the most. Be compliant with all data privacy and security regulations (HIPAA, TCPA, and more) to ensure an optimum call center service level.

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Call Tagging: FAQs

Call tagging is a process of adding virtual bookmark (tags) that can help call center managers and agents to easily locate, analyze, or group calls for review and training purposes.

Using call tagging can help to:

  • Organize & identify new calls
  • Attract qualified leads
  • Discover call barriers
  • It measures lead quality 
  • It tags angry customers 
  • It creates compelling strategies 
  • It minimizes lead leakage 
  • It helps to re-market 
  • It improves agents’ behavior 
  • It helps with competitor analysis

Phone tag is a situation wherein two parties try getting in contact with each other through telephone, but neither of them can get a hold of the other. In this case, they either leave a message or request a callback.

In order to successfully avoid telephone tags, you must leave effective messages including your name, telephone number, company name, a detailed message stating when you can be reached.

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Great Research
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Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries