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What is Call Tagging?

Managing all phone calls at a contact center can be tricky. An effective call tagging makes it simple. Call Tagging is a process designed for the classification of calls on the basis of predefined settings. It is an efficient way of analyzing, grouping, or searching for calls with various outcomes. By using these call tags, it becomes easy to add notes and ratings to the call which helps marketing and sales teams to identify trends. This works for both incoming as well as outgoing calls.

You can easily classify any call by assigning an unlimited number of tags to it.  These tags will help to represent the perception of customers about your product or service. These tags might help to remind you about pending internal tasks, like calling back a customer for their appointment scheduling or following up on their requests. Moreover, you can pre-set certain tags and seamlessly add them to your calls with a single click

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Why should businesses invest in call tagging?

Organizing and identifying calls made easy
Identifying barriers
Attracting qualified leads

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What are the advantages of using call tagging?

lead quality
angry customers
compelling strategies
lead leakage
re market
competitor analysis

Making the most of your call tagging with Voxco

Flexible hosting 1
Premium service and support 1
Powerful Analytics 1
Complaint with regulations

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Call Tagging: FAQs

Call tagging is a process of adding virtual bookmark (tags) that can help call center managers and agents to easily locate, analyze, or group calls for review and training purposes.

Using call tagging can help to:

  • Organize & identify new calls
  • Attract qualified leads
  • Discover call barriers
  • It measures lead quality 
  • It tags angry customers 
  • It creates compelling strategies 
  • It minimizes lead leakage 
  • It helps to re-market 
  • It improves agents’ behavior 
  • It helps with competitor analysis

Phone tag is a situation wherein two parties try getting in contact with each other through telephone, but neither of them can get a hold of the other. In this case, they either leave a message or request a callback.

In order to successfully avoid telephone tags, you must leave effective messages including your name, telephone number, company name, a detailed message stating when you can be reached.

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