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What is a Call Recording Software?

Call recording software facilitates recording calls between agents and customers in contact centers. This feature is used across most contact centers as it has a range of benefits. A key use of this software is that it can be used to improve the standard of service offered in your call center and can also be used for proof in case there are any future disputes regarding the call.

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Advantages of Call Recording Software

There are many advantages a call recording software can bring to a contact center, and these are a few:

Helps improve call quality
Improves Customer Satisfaction
Helps develop customised products
Increases Operational Efficiency

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FAQs on Call Recording Software

Answer: Contact centers record calls in order to improve customer service by analysing and identifying flaws in recorded calls. The main goal of contact centers is to improve customer service and the best way to do so is by understanding their customers. Recorded calls help identify and record large amounts of customer information, helping improve the service to their customers.

Answer: Most laws around the world require that at least one party on the call is aware that it is being recorded and consents to it. However, there are some locations where it is required that all parties are notified of the call being recorded. Hence, it is important for contact centers to be aware of the call monitoring consent laws in their location in order to remain compliant.

Answer: Third party verification is a process used to control sensitive transactions made over the phone. For instance, if an order is made through a call with an agent, the agent may check with a third party, such as the manager, in order to verify that the client has indeed placed the order.

Answer: A telephone recorder is attached to the radio, telephone, or audio lines to record audio and data. The call recording software can then be used to search, access, and playback recordings. Some recorders, such as Voxco Dialer,  even allow the live monitoring of calls.

Answer: Call recording helps put an end to he said/she said situations. This is because if there is ever a dispute regarding calls, the questionable conversation can be easily accessed and reviewed.

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