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What is Call Queueing?

Call queueing is the process wherein if customers call a contact center and all their agents are busy, they are lined up in a call queue where they wait until they are routed to an available agent. Contact centers aim to reduce or eliminate the average time in queues as customers do not like to be kept waiting and want to be connected to an agent as soon as possible. 

“Average Time in Queue” is an important KPI (key performance indicator) in call centers and is a good indicator of whether or not your call center is providing callers with good service.

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Causes of Long Calling Queues

There are many reasons for long call queues, and these are important ones

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Strategies to manage Contact Center Queues

These are some strategies to reduce average time in the call queue and improve customer experience (CX) in the process:

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What Contact Center features can improve call queueing management?

Long call queues can reduce the productivity of your contact center or call center, which leads to frustrated agents and unhappy clients. To solve customer queries quickly, your contact center software should have these features:

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FAQs on Call Queueing

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