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Introduction to Call Playback

Get higher accountability, better agent coaching and more with Voxco’s Call Playback facility. Record calls easily and share with key stakeholders for training as well as survey insights!


What is call playback?

Call playback is an integral part of the call center operations process. All calls are typically recorded however not all of these recordings are put to use. Some calls are replayed to highlight certain incidents or for coaching purposes to help new trainees.

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How does call playback work?

As mentioned, call centers typically record all calls and agent interactions. Callers are notified that their calls may be recorded for training and quality assurance purposes. Recorded data is then transferred to the call centers’ data storage facility, and can be retrieved via a dashboard. In most call centers, only supervisors or managerial staff have access to the dashboard facilities which can retrieve a recording. 

Call playback is then performed via a browser window or dedicated app, depending on your call centers’ telephony solution. Recordings can be paused and resumed at any point. This comes in handy when coaching trainees or analyzing incidents.


Why is call
playback important?

There are multiple reasons why call playback is an essential requirement for call centers and other businesses. It can help businesses determine if they are meeting regulations, and if their agents and supervisors are complying with industry norms. 

Call playback facilities can help in monitoring productivity levels in an organization, resolve disputes, verifying financial transactions and act as evidence in disputes with a customer. Cut down on legal risks by recording verbal commitments.

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Where can you
use call playback?

Survey feedback

IVR and CATI software from Voxco allows for recording and playback of each respondent survey. Supervisors can use call playback to replay interviews to ensure they’re getting the right insights. This can be handy when the interviewer has doubts about the veracity of the answers they’ve recorded. 

IVR surveys can allow respondents to leave a recording of their answer to certain questions. Call playback helps in retrieving these answers.

Sales operations

Sales and marketing teams can use call playback for training purposes and to observe if their sales approach is working. They can also use it to gauge if their marketing strategies are resonating with their target audience.

Call centers

Contact centers can leverage call playback for multiple purposes. It can act as a dispute resolution mechanism, and calls from productive agents can be used to coach trainees. Poor examples of customer service can also be an effective training method, as it shows trainees on what not to do.


Call Playback by Voxco

More features

Comprehensive call monitoring capabilities, omnichannel data synchronization. Voxco gives you every bit of telephony related functionality you may need.

High quality

Our high performance equipment ensures that all recordings are done in the highest quality possible. 


We don’t like downtime, even when you’re transitioning to Voxco. Our reliable hosting ensures minimal downtime in any scenario.

Easy to use

Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to get your telephony solutions up and running. You’ll be recording and replaying calls in no time!

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Why switch to Voxco?

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Premium support

Voxco’s best in class support is available round the clock to ensure you’re able to leverage our telephony solutions effectively. 

Omnichannel reach

Our omnichannel platform allows you to reach your callers for feedback via several channels (Online, via telephone and face-to-face), thus augmenting your call playback facilities for research.


Advanced analytics tools which can help analyze trends and patterns from call data. Better understand your customers and create customized reports for key stakeholders.

Secure hosting

Voxco offers you the ability to host call playback data securely in the cloud, or on your own premises. 


Call Playback FAQs

Yes it is legal to record calls. However, it may be necessary in some states or countries to inform the other party that you will be recording the call. Its advisable that you review the legality of call recording in your business area with your legal team.

Voxco offers flexible storage options which allow you to store as many recordings as needed.

Your call recordings are saved on your choice of storage.

Indeed they are! Call recordings are invaluable when you are trying to resolve any escalations or looking to improve customer service quality & agent training.

The facility to record & replay a call later is referred to as call playback. It helps create an archive of rich data.