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Call Monitoring Software

Track and improve your customer experience at key touchpoints in your organization with Call Monitoring Software. Listen in to ongoing calls and make decisions on the fly.

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What is call monitoring software?

Call monitoring is the process by which one can listen in to conversations. Call monitoring software facilitates this, allowing supervisors or managers to listen to either ongoing calls or those which have been previously recorded and stored. Call monitoring comes in handy for quality assurance, improving organizational efficiency and to provide better customer experience.

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Who can use call monitoring software?

Any business, organization or enterprise which is looking to improve and optimize their customer facing touchpoints should consider investing in call monitoring software. Call monitoring is extremely useful in conducting phone surveys and feedback management programs as well.

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Advanced analytics

Track agent performance and understand trends in calling patterns with call monitoring software. Analyze each call for discrepancies and boost overall team productivity with powerful analytics tools included in Voxco’s omnichannel platform.

Agent performance monitoring

Get detailed statistics about your agents and highlight areas of improvement. Call monitoring helps improve agent productivity over time.

Real time coaching

Get detailed statistics about your agents and highlight areas of improvement. Call monitoring helps improve agent productivity over time.

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Call monitoring software modes

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Voxco call monitoring features

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Call monitoring software: FAQs

Call monitoring software can help supervisors, managers and other qualified senior staff listen in on your agents’ calls. This software is capable of allowing businesses to gauge their productivity levels and use recorded calls to design training sessions for new employees.

Any company which runs telephony operations at scale should leverage call monitoring tools. This includes call centers, researchers carrying out phone surveys, sales agents and more. Team size is not a factor when considering call monitoring tools.

No, only employees which have been previously authorized can use call monitoring software. Typically it is meant for use by supervisors and managers.

Call monitoring software is part of Voxco’s omnichannel telephony suite.

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