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Track and improve your customer experience at key touchpoints in your organization with Call Monitoring Software. Listen in to ongoing calls and make decisions on the fly.

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What is call monitoring software?

Call monitoring is the process by which one can listen in to conversations. Call monitoring software facilitates this, allowing supervisors or managers to listen to either ongoing calls or those which have been previously recorded and stored. Call monitoring comes in handy for quality assurance, improving organizational efficiency and to provide better customer experience.

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Who can use call monitoring software?

Any business, organization or enterprise which is looking to improve and optimize their customer facing touchpoints should consider investing in call monitoring software. Call monitoring is extremely useful in conducting phone surveys and feedback management programs as well.

Supervisors in survey research

Phone surveys which typically use IVR or CATI software are complex endeavours. Agents conduct one on one interviews, and guide their respondents through the survey. Call monitoring software allows supervisors to monitor how their agents are conducting their surveys and is extremely useful for training purposes.

Customer support

Train new hires and elicit productivity from day 1 with call monitoring software. Monitor live and prerecorded calls to gain insights into how to best help agents improve. Listen to recorded calls at your convenience and find key details.

Call Center management

Call monitoring software can help call centers ensure their call quality standards are being adhered to. Managers and supervisors at call centers can take advantage of a Voxco’s call monitoring functionality to help agents in live calls and take control if needed. This helps ensure a positive and fruitful experience for the caller.

Sales and Marketing teams

Sales and Marketing departments in an organization can leverage call monitoring software to great effect. Sales managers can monitor calls to improve sales workflows and by extension, their bottom lines. Junior employees or trainees can listen in to calls to observe how the pros do it.  Marketing teams can use call monitoring tools to see if there’s a disconnect between marketing campaigns and sales messaging, and issue which can prove costly to any organization.

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Voxco call monitoring software functionality

Advanced analytics

Track agent performance and understand trends in calling patterns with call monitoring software. Analyze each call for discrepancies and boost overall team productivity with powerful analytics tools included in Voxco’s omnichannel platform.

Agent performance monitoring

Get detailed statistics about your agents and highlight areas of improvement. Call monitoring helps improve agent productivity over time.

Real time coaching

Get detailed statistics about your agents and highlight areas of improvement. Call monitoring helps improve agent productivity over time.

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Call monitoring software modes


Voxco omnichannel platform includes a “View mode” with which a supervisor can visually monitor their agents without any Audio.


Supervisors can use Voxco’s call monitoring software to listen in on a session without the caller or the agent knowing about their presence.


A supervisor can listen in on an ongoing call and be able to talk and guide the agent handling the call. Callers or respondents have no idea that a supervisor is on the call, and can only hear the agent’s voice.


With this mode, supervisors have the ability to join a call in progress and communicate with the agent as well as the caller. 

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Voxco call monitoring features

Listening and recording options

Live audio monitoring - empower your supervisors and managers to listen to ongoing calls for training your agents or for QA purposes.

Record full or partial phone interviews - for client compliance purposes, open-ended answers in surveys and more.

Set recording commands (e.g. pause at sensitive questions), useful when leveraging call monitoring software for surveys

Whisper and Join modes for enhanced oversight capabilities.

Advanced productivity monitoring

Powerful dashboards for improved monitoring capabilities: live statistics about agents, projects (track KPI’s like number of calls, delay between calls, idle/waiting/ talk time, call drop rate, and more)

Customizable alerts for key metrics

Visually customize interviewer activity status

Reporting capability on both CATI software & Dialer metrics according to your information needs

Real-time remote monitoring capabilities

Screen mirroring with messaging to the agent or survey interviewer

Remote supervision for multiple sites and work at home agents

Live dashboards which relay useful information such as talk & idle time, connection time etc,

Fully customizable and in-depth reports

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Why get on board with Voxco?

Premium Support

Our best-in-class service and support teams are available around the clock to help you get the most from your call monitoring software.

Intuitive Dashboards

Our Call Monitoring Software comes equipped with powerful dashboards for supervisors as well agents, providing them with the information needed to help boost organizational productivity.

Omnichannel capability: Seamless switching between services

Voxco, CATI, IVR, Cloud Dialer, Mobile Offline and Voxco Online can easily sync data to a centralized database, enabling seamless switching between modes to help uncover more insights from your data.

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Call monitoring software: FAQs

Call monitoring software can help supervisors, managers and other qualified senior staff listen in on your agents’ calls. This software is capable of allowing businesses to gauge their productivity levels and use recorded calls to design training sessions for new employees.

Any company which runs telephony operations at scale should leverage call monitoring tools. This includes call centers, researchers carrying out phone surveys, sales agents and more. Team size is not a factor when considering call monitoring tools.

No, only employees which have been previously authorized can use call monitoring software. Typically it is meant for use by supervisors and managers.

Call monitoring software is part of Voxco’s omnichannel telephony suite.

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Great Research
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Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries

Great Research
Fast Insights
Best-in-class ROI

Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries