Call center telephony software

With Voxco’s Call Center telephony software, you can transform your contact center to provide best-in-class support and build better customer relationships. Deliver omnichannel support, conduct sophisticated and comprehensive surveys, improve customer and engagement and enhance contact center productivity. 

What is call center telephony software?

Software which is designed to enable businesses handle customer queries or conduct large scale research studies. Call center telephony software can be used to gather and resolve customer issues. Omnichannel platforms like Voxco allow businesses to get in touch with their customers online, face-to-face or via IVR or CATI Software and present a holistic view of their customer experience. Call center software can allow businesses to automate inbound and outbound calls and route calls to agents based on their skill or experience levels.

The need for call center telephony software

Lower operating expenditure
A better way to deal with rising customer expectations
Improve customer experience

More than just Call Center Telephony Software

Contact centers and telephonic solutions have immense potential that goes beyond tending to customer complaints and sales. With Voxco’s omnichannel call center telephony software, businesses can use their call centers for large scale survey research. Voxco CATI software and IVR tools can allow for comprehensive surveys which can uncover actionable insights for improving your business.

As part of Voxco’s omnichannel platform, you can also leverage call center telephony software for end to end feedback management. Combine results gathered from telephonic, online and face-to-face surveys and customer interactions for a holistic picture into your overall customer experience, and chart a path to improvement.

Drive productivity with Voxco’s Call Center Telephony Software

Call Center Telephony Features

Automate your way into productivity

Automated Dialing

Our call center telephony software allows for fully or partially automated dialing modes ensure there’s no need for manual dialing unless your agents need to. Learn more about dialer automation here.

Customizable dialing algorithms

Our call center software is built on intelligent calling algorithms designed to seamlessly blend inbound and outbound calls.

Single system, All requirements

With Voxco’s Call Center Telephony Software, you should have no worries about integration and interaction issues with third-party dialers. Voxco’s cloud based dialer software will dial based on your predefined rules.

Minimize call center down time downtime

Instant connections

Voxco’s call center telephony software can instantly connect your callers with a live agent- no telephony system does it better.

Multiple checks for wrong numbers

Our software cleans your call list out of service numbers, and ensures that time isn’t wasted on bad calls.

Dynamic adjust to current call scenarios.

Maximize productivity while reducing dropped calls. Voxco Dialer dynamically adjusts the rate at which your calls are placed based on changes to the answer rate.

Learn more about improving Virtual Call Center productivity here.

Flexible Dialing Modes

Preview Mode

Automatically push phone numbers onto agents’ displays with our call center telephony software, allowing them to review each case. Your agents can adjust the dialer to place the call or manually dial whenever they’re ready. 

Predictive mode

Predictive dialing mode is a completely automated mode that constantly monitors and adjusts the dialing rate based on a prediction of agent availability, empowering call centers to maximize call productivity and lower the number of dropped calls.

Power mode

A fully automated non-predictive dialing mode in which the dial rate is set to prevent dropped calls. Outgoing calls are determined by agent availability at your call center, creating a balance between zero-drop rates and high productivity.

Why Voxco for Call Center Telephony Software

Better productivity
Comprehensive feature set
Manual Dialing
Single vendor all purposes

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