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What is Call center Scheduling Software?

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A call center scheduling software allows businesses to efficiently schedule their call center agents to meet workload demands, depending on factors such as agent skills and agent availability. Call center scheduling software is full of tools and features that call centers can use in order to manage all communications with their customers, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Why choose Voxco for Call center Scheduling Software?

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Centralised and Omnichannel

Voxco CATI allows you to optimize multi-mode studies by managing telephone surveys centrally, from one integrated platform. The option to seamlessly integrate phone, online, and offline surveys, significantly increases respondent engagement and allows respondents to communicate with your organization through their preferred mode of communication.

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Integrated Telephony System

Unlike most other computer-assisted telephone interviewing software, Voxco CATI can be seamlessly integrated with a telephony system of your choice. Voxco dialer, and Voxco interactive voice response (IVR), further boost the productivity of your call center.


Compliant to manual dialing

Voxco Cloud On Premise dialer offers automated, manual, and hybrid dialing modes, allowing agents to pick what is most useful depending on the use-case, maximising dialing productivity.


Greater quality control

Using Voxco Dialer, full or partial phone interviews can be recorded, and live audio from ongoing calls can also be monitored. This allows ongoing and past interviews to be listened to in order to ensure a standard of quality across all customer interactions.

Outbound Call Center Equipment setup

Outbound Call Center Equipment setup

Outbound call centers are primarily focused on outbound calls but can take incoming calls/missed calls and add them to their schedule. The equipment required per agent for these call centers typically includes a computer (could be a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook), a headset, a reliable internet connection, and a powerful software suite capable of automated dialing and predictive dialing. 

Inbound Call Center Equipment setup

Inbound call centers are those which are set up to tackle inbound calls, but have the capability to make outbound calls as follow ups to customer requests and dropped calls. A competent software stack will dictate how productive your inbound call center is, irrespective of whether you’re running remote or on-premise operations. Equipment typically required by inbound call centers includes a computer, reliable internet, a headset, and powerful cloud call center software. Software enablements must-have features like ACD (Automatic call distributor) and IVR software to help maximize productivity and ensure that there are fewer dropped calls.

Inbound Call Center Equipment setup

Cloud vs on-premise call center equipment

Cloud-based virtual call centers can be a big leap forward for call centers. The benefits of such a solution extend to agents, supervisors as well as callers. Traditional call centers face high levels of churn due to low satisfaction levels. Working remotely allows for flexible hours which improve agent satisfaction rates. Cloud-based call centers also give access to a larger pool of agents who are more experienced and certified. 

Cloud-based virtual call centers require less investment in infrastructure as well: A work-at-home agent requires – A headset, a laptop/desktop/Chromebook, a steady internet connection, and virtual call center software. Supervisors can make changes to workflow or organizational operations via their dashboard and the same will reflect on agents’ dashboards as well. The entire process is seamless.

Compare this with traditional call centers, where technology isn’t up to date, and simple changes cause a lot of downtimes. A traditional on-premise call center has 30% more annual spend than cloud-based contact centers. 

Advantages of using Call center Scheduling Software

What features do you need for your Call center?


Call conferencing

This feature allows multiple agents, or respondents to be on one call. This eliminates the need for agents to transfer calls to other agents when they cannot address the customer’s concern: a common customer service frustration.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology

With IVR technology, organizations can record professional greetings for when a respondent calls their call center. Additionally, this technology ensures that calls are directed toward the agents who are best equipped to address the respondent’s concern. For example, if the respondent speaks in French, they will be routed to a French speaking agent.


Call monitoring and Whisper coaching

Call monitoring is a feature that allows supervisors to monitor ongoing/live calls between agents and respondents. Supervisors can do so without the agent or respondent knowing. Whisper coaching is a feature that allows the supervisor to have a conversation with the agent while on call with the respondent, without the respondent being able to hear this interaction. This is a useful tool for difficult calls or for the training of new agents.

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Automatic Caller information Screen Pop

This feature in call center softwares provides the agent with information about the caller as soon as they call. Information such as their name, age, email, picture, address and more, pops up on the agent’s screen, helping them provide more personalized responses to each caller.

FAQ’s: Frequently asked questions

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Predictive dialers are a feature of Call center Scheduling softwares. This feature dials a list of numbers quickly, to cut down the manual dialing process. Predictive dialer is especially helpful for businesses in telemarketing, debt collection, customer service follow-ups etc.

Call center scheduling software proves beneficial for all businesses that want to effectively manage their call center(s), whether they are big organizations or small. It is important to effectively manage your call center and its agents, in order to ensure customer interactions are handled in the best possible way.

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