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What is Call Center Equipment?

Call Center Equipment is a major factor ensuring smooth operations at your contact center. Today’s call centers need their hardware to be augmented with a powerful cloud-based software stack. Voxco’s call center equipment solution can put an end to your contact center woes!

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What Call Center Equipment is essential to Run a Call Center?

Automatic Call Distribution (ACDs)

Automatic Call Distribution systems, often referred to as ACDs or Automatic Call Distributors, is a type of call center equipment which can answer and distribute incoming calls to specific agents or terminals within a contact center. Distribution mechanism and protocols can be predefined by the call center to get the highest levels of productivity. ACD’s work with both on-premise and cloud/virtual call center software solutions, and are typically implemented in conjunction with an IVR system. 

Virtual Call Center Software

A virtual call center, also termed as a remote call center is a system in which your agents are dispersed across the world, instead of confined to working within your premises. Powerful virtual call center software allows for a great deal of flexibility and is cost-effective as well.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR is an automated phone technology which allows callers to access certain information about their queries via a system of pre-recorded messages without the need to speak to a live agent unless absolutely necessary. Callers can listen to the options and make their choice by pressing the corresponding button on their phone’s keypad. Advanced IVR tools also allow for speech recognition, making it easier for callers to answer questions while on the move. 

Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is a calling system designed for outbound calls. It’s capable of automatically dialing from a predefined list of telephone numbers, and passes on the call to an agent once a live connection is detected. Predictive dialers are extremely handy for filtering out voicemails, busy tones, disconnected numbers, etc. 

Outbound Call Center Equipment setup

Outbound Call Center Equipment setup

Outbound call centers are primarily focused on outbound calls but can take incoming calls/missed calls and add them to their schedule. The call center equipment required per agent in such call centers typically includes a computer (could be a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook), a headset, a reliable internet connection, and a powerful software suite capable of automated dialing and predictive dialing. 

Inbound Call Center Equipment setup

Inbound call centers are those which are set up to tackle inbound calls, but have the capability to make outbound calls as follow ups to customer requests and dropped calls. A competent software stack will dictate how productive your inbound call center is, irrespective of whether you’re running remote or on-premise operations. Call center equipment typically required by inbound call centers includes a computer, reliable internet, a headset and powerful cloud call center software. Software enablements must have features like ACD (Automatic call distributor) and IVR software to help maximize productivity and ensure that there are fewer dropped calls.

Inbound Call Center Equipment setup

Cloud vs on-premise call center equipment

Cloud based virtual call centers can be a big leap forward for call centers. The benefits of such a solution extends to agents, supervisors as well as callers. Traditional call centers face high levels of churn due to low satisfaction levels. Working remotely allows for flexible hours which improve agent satisfaction rates. Cloud based call centers also give access to a larger pool of agents who are more experienced and certified. 

Cloud based virtual call centers require less investment in infrastructure as well: A work at home agent requires – A headset, a laptop/desktop/chromebook, a steady internet connection and virtual call center software. Supervisors can make changes to workflow or organizational operations via their dashboard and the same will reflect on agents’ dashboards as well. The entire process is seamless.

Compare this with traditional call centers, where technology isn’t up to date, and simple changes cause a lot of downtime. A traditional on-premise call center has 30% more annual spend than cloud-based contact centers. 

Why select Voxco's for Call Center Equipment?

How to get more from your call center equipment  2

How to get more from your call center equipment?

Feedback management

Voxco’s call center software combined with its omnichannel feedback management platform allows call centers to leverage CATI software and IVR tools to gather and manage feedback. You can collect feedback from both potential and existing customers to get insights into key factors like Customer Experience, Brand Advocacy, and feedback about product or brand changes. 

There’s no need to restrict yourself to CATI and IVR, as Voxco’s omnichannel platform allows you to seamlessly combine their findings with online surveys, giving you a truly holistic picture about your area of interest. 

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Large scale studies for social research

Call Center Equipment is built to handle a high volume of calls, and that’s precisely what large scale social research studies often require. Read how Siena College leveraged Voxco’s platform to make over 3 million calls + 50,000 completed interviews during the 2018 midterm elections and published live results!

Why Voxco for your Call Center Equipment needs?

technical support

Premium support

Maximize your efficiency with best in class premium support and service that can help you get the most from Voxco.

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Flexible hosting

To ensure your client data remains safe in accordance with your safety protocols, we provide flexible cloud-based SaaS and on-premise hosting solutions for your data.

Matchless Scalability

Voxco’s flexible Virtual Call Center Software can allow you to scale up with increase in demand, whenever you need it.

TCPA Compliance

US-based Call Centers can take advantage of Voxco’s TCPA Connect for a more productive manual dialing environment.

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