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Omnichannel Business Phone System – Customer feedback management and support, survey capability. 

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What is a business phone system?

A business phone system is a telephony solution which can help companies of any size manage their incoming and outgoing calls. Business phone systems typically involve a suite of software features and are more complex than your typical residential phone line. 

Business phone software is built to handle multiple calls at once, and to quickly transfer calls within the organization.

Business phone system

How does a business phone system work?

Business phone systems like Voxco’s leverage the cloud along with a litany of software features to effectively manage your inbound and outbound calling duties.In a typical scenario when today’s cloud based business phone system receives an incoming call, the caller is directed to an IVR software system which gets some clarity about their issue. This data is synced to a centralized omnichannel cloud dialer platform, which then uses Automatic Call Distribution systems (ACD) to route calls based on several predefined criteria.

The Process for outgoing calls uses input from IVR tools and the ACD to assign calls onto employee dashboards.

Get more with Voxco’s business phone system

Manage on premise and virtual sites

Manage on-premise and virtual sites

Whether your employees are located within a single building or spread out working remotely over the world, Voxco’s business phone systems have got you covered. Empower your call supervisors to manage inbound and outbound calls with ease, and direct as well as coach your contact center agents easily over the cloud.


High Uptime

A business phone system you can rely on! Whatever your call volume is, Voxco can handle it. Easily  and quickly scale up capability to match rise in demand. We ensure minimal downtime while transitioning to our services.

Survey Capability

Survey Capability

Get more from your business phone system by using Voxco’s omnichannel telephony solutions for surveys and feedback management! Approach callers for feedback via email, SMS or push notifications and get insights into improving organizational performance.


High quality telephony

Voxco uses the best possible quality in all our services and integrations, ensuring high voice quality, and that nothing is lost in translation.

Switch to Voxco Telephony System to improve your Call Center Productivity by 40% or more 

Voxco CATI

Powerful phone survey software with advanced telephony features for contact centers of call centers of all sizes

Voxco IVR

Automated interactive voice response survey software with auto call detector, advanced call routing system & manual TCPA compliance.

Voxco Dialer

Power, Predictive, Preview and Hybrid modes. Tailor your dialling method to each project.

Survey organizations around the world have maximized their phone survey ROI with the advanced features, hosting options, seamless telephony integration, and flexible pricing of our CATI software.

Professional services to help you more from your business phone system

Want to get the most from your business phone system? Let Voxco do all the heavy lifting for you! Our professional services team can help you boost productivity and minimize downtime while transitioning. Learn more about Voxco professional services here!

Everything telephony with Voxco



Our automatic call distributor can seamlessly integrate with our CATI and IVR software and optimize your incoming and outgoing calls. Improve agent productivity at your contact center by ensuring that calls are assigned only to those with the necessary qualifications and experience to deal with them.

Omnichannel reach

Omnichannel Routing

Get in touch with your customers wherever they via Voxco’s omnichannel routing. Gather feedback and conduct truly omnichannel surveys to improve organizational performance in the long run.

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Get access to a unique manual dialing solution with custom scenarios and comply with regulations better. All deployment scenarios offer a huge advantage of traditional manual or auto dialling environments. Read more about Voxco TCPA here.



Understand and improve your customer experience at important touchpoints with Voxco’s comprehensive call monitoring software. Supervisors can use intuitive dashboards to check in on agents, and join calls in progress or use whisper mode to communicate with your agents without the customers’ hearing their voice.

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Playback and record

Dependable call recording and playback included with Voxco’s business phone system. Resolve disputes with customers, use calls for coaching purposes and more!

Why Voxco for your business phone system?

Comprehensive feature set

Comprehensive feature set

Voxco IVR, Cloud-dialer and CATI software can give your business phone system deployment an edge over your competition. Leverage call blending, in-call omnichannel routing, flexible quotas and more!

manual dialing

Manual Dialing

When using Voxco TCPA connect, US based call centers have access to an efficient and dependable manual dialing environment.

Survey Capability

Scalable and Flexible

Voxco’s omnichannel platform can be easily scaled up with increase in call volume, whenever you need it.

single vendor

Single Vendor Advantage

When you partner with Voxco, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues with other telephony systems and implementations.

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See what question types are possible with a sample survey!

Business phone system FAQs

Business phone systems are an effective way for companies to manage their inbound and outbound calls.

Yes they can! By efficiently routing your inbound and outbound calls according to your pre-established rules, business phone systems can greatly improve productivity at the workplace.

Yes. Business phone systems can integrate easily with other telephony software like Automatic Call Distribution software.

Yes! Depending on your implementation, Voxco can allow you to leverage your business phone system to conduct large scale phone surveys.

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Great Research
Fast Insights
Best-in-class ROI

Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries

Great Research
Fast Insights
Best-in-class ROI

Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries