At Voxco, we are constantly developing software features that make our platform better, faster, and more intuitive. We are excited to announce an upcoming minor update to Voxco Online from version 5.5 to version 5.5.1.

The new version introduces two brand new, in-demand features: panelist attribute synchronization and SMS text invitations.

Panelist Attribute Synchronization

Panelist attribute synchronization is a key new feature for clients who have integrated Voxco Panel Manager into their Voxco Online survey platform. The new feature automatically synchronizes panelist attribute updates with the responses of each panelist’s linked Voxco Online surveys (past, present and future).

These features will improve insights and boost panelist engagement, ensuring that no basic attribute questions need to be asked repeatedly.

  • Panelist attribute auto-synching. Panelist attribute data (e.g. email, language, gender) can now be automatically synchronized with the results of questions in your surveys. So if a question is asked on a survey that offers panelist attribute information (eg. ‘What is your language preference?’) and an existing panelist answers it, the answer will automatically be recorded as a panelist attribute for future surveys. This helps with survey targeting and so that you don’t have to ask your panelists the same questions in the future. (Default on. Can be turned off. Exclusion filters available).
  • Reverse survey data updates. You can now enable reverse data updates, which allow past survey data to be automatically updated to reflect changes made to panelist attributes. For example, if you add an attribute to a panelist that indicates college graduation, their responses in past surveys can now be categorized as coming from a college graduate. As you add more panelist attributes, past survey results will become more robust. (Default off)
SMS Distribution

New SMS distribution gives you one more way to reach an increasingly mobile-dependent population. The feature allows you to invite respondents to answer surveys via SMS text message. This distribution method adds to the diverse survey invitation channels already offered via Voxco Online.

The process is easy to integrate:

  • Phone capturing & assignment. Capture, import, and validate respondent phone numbers via completed surveys. Assign phone numbers to panelists.
  • Invite via SMS Text Messages. Once phone numbers are added as attributes, you can send or schedule SMS text message invitations.
  • Flexible distribution settings. You can target respondents based on their phone attribute status (e.g. only invite respondents who clicked on the last SMS invitation).
  • Automated list updates. Lists are auto-updated with SMS unsubscribes.

Voxco Online will be automatically upgraded to v5.5.1 for SaaS clients on Friday, March 11. Clients hosting the platform on-premise are able to schedule a time to upgrade at any time. Once the platform is upgraded, all of the features above will be in place, and users can activate SMS invitations or Voxco Panel Manager by contacting a Voxco rep.

If you have any further requests for our next scheduled software update, let us know! We’re always listening and improving the platform!