This week, we sat down with our colleague, Product Manager, Anita Butani to learn more about her perspective on Voxco’s product offerings and future directions we’re exploring.

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What do you do at Voxco?

I work as a liaison between internal and external stakeholders; from sales, support, R&D, and clients. My job is to build a deep understanding of what will make our product even better and prioritize our next steps based on that. Collaboration is central to what I do and, not coincidentally, central to bringing value to the product!

Do you have any product management philosophies that you apply to your work here?

For me, it’s critical that every release has 3 key elements to it: something that improves product in the background, in the foreground, as well as delivers new features. This way, I can ensure that we are developing in the right direction, while doing the proper maintenance needed to keep things robust and running smoothly.

You’re a woman in a very male dominated industry. Do you have any thoughts on that?

I am happy to see more women at the Voxco offices. In recent months, we’ve hired two new tech centered hires, Amira in QA and Printhika as a tech writer.

I know the industry as a whole is really unbalanced, but I know things are getting better. I’m optimistic.

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Any industry themes you see coming up that are interesting? Or things you see as just a passing trend?

This may be surprising for some, but I am seeing a growing need for paper surveys – we keep reading about it in industry publications and hearing clients mention it.

The main trend we’re seeing is working towards integration with more products, so software companies can offer more peripheral needs to the client and become a one-stop shop. I’m glad we’re making huge strides in that space! Keep your eyes peeled for updates on that front. 

What’s coming up in the Voxco product next?

We just launched 6.4, which includes a lot of exciting features for our phone survey researchers and our web survey researchers; including a new Telephony Activity Dashboard, new licencing notification system, and much more!

In the upcoming release, a central thing we’ll be looking at is survey rendering – ensuring a seamless multi-device experience for respondents and researchers alike.

Can you give us a sneak peek on what’s coming in the long term?

In more general terms, we’re continuing to refine our focus on improving ease of use for the product. We’re placing emphasis on streamlining the platform – putting our energy into determining where to grow and where to simplify.  

We’re also looking at making the product more productive for users of all levels: supervisors, survey designers, agents, respondents, etc.

Would you like to add anything else?

If you’re reading this and you have product feedback for me, I am always open to a chat! You can email me and we can set up a time to go through your comments.

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