Micro Segmentation Developing customer experiences that work cvr

Micro Segmentation: Developing customer experiences that work

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With the customer of today overburdened with advertisements from all channels and on all platforms, it’s harder than ever for brands to approach their target audience and not be rejected right off the bat. Microsegmentation is going to be key for businesses to deliver better customer experiences and improve their bottom line.

Market Segmentation techniques needs a re-work

Researching your customers better and gathering data from internal and external sources can help paint a more holistic picture about your customers and help create segments that reflect the world of today, and not what once was.

Micro segmentation is necessary in a diverse, connected world

Segmentation is a tried and tested concept that has served businesses well for a long time. However, in a world that is increasingly diverse and more connected with each other, traditional segmentation strategies are struggling to bear fruit.

Improves ROI on digital marketing efforts

The internet allows you to create marketing campaigns that can be personalized to a high degree. Micro segments can be created based on multiple demographic factors which can help businesses develop more effective content marketing strategies. 

By dividing your audience into Micro segments, one can develop more persuasive marketing efforts.

Get better results from outbound efforts

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Outbound marketing remains a viable strategy for business growth. Effective outbound efforts have their foundation in comprehensive research. Micro segmentation can help identify customer preferences on a more granular level, allowing sales teams to create messaging that resonates with their target audience.

Develop a marketing portfolio that yields results

To get the best ROI from your marketing spend, you need to target customers you feel will be most receptive. Micro segmentation helps identify these customers with high-potential more effectively and cater to their needs, making them loyal to your brand.

Micro Segmentation Developing customer experiences that work

Why developing micro segments is the need of the hour

Engage with buyers at all stages 

Segmentation at an industry or vertical level is far too wide for businesses to be able to effectively personalize their products, services and marketing efforts. Micro segmentation can help businesses group their prospects into buckets based on where they are in the customer journey, and what messaging would be more appropriate at that junction.

Improve revenue generation from existing customers

Micro segmenting your customers and assigning dedicated personnel to manage their accounts is a key driver for increased revenue from them. A one size fits all policy will not suffice  even for loyal customers.

New call-to-action
New call-to-action

Developing Micro Segments for better CX

Leverage survey research for insights

Surveys are an important tool which businesses can leverage to understand their target demographic and create microsegments. By equipping yourself with an omnichannel survey software, you can glean insights into your customers which can help segment them more effectively. 

Surveys and feedback mechanisms are also going to come in handy when the time comes to find out how effective your micro segmentation efforts are in the real world.

Build leads with segment specific tactics

Segmenting your target audience will help your sales and marketing teams create more relevant and persuasive messaging.

Empathetic messaging can help nurture leads from all stages of the sales funnel.

Develop segment wise strategies for better ROI

While it may be tempting to create as many segments as possible, you need to ensure that your micro segmentation efforts are conducted in a scalable manner. Your teams have limited resources, and will not be able to differentiate their efforts for each customer. 

Personalization is essential

The execution of your micro segmentation strategy depends wholly on your personalization efforts. Personalization helps define customer engagement in real time and your business must be agile enough to adapt to changing customer requirements. You cannot rigidly stick to your micro segments – there must be room for your teams to improvise.

Create a path towards constant improvement

While the Micro segments you create might work for now, you must be ready to continually add, modify or delete segments as and when the industry changes. AI and Machine Learning are constantly creating new ways for customers to interact – with you, with your competition and with the world at large. 

You must analyze your micro segmentation efforts regularly and adapt it with more granularity as and when required.

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