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What is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Survey?

IVR Survey, also known as Interactive Voice Response Survey is a customer feedback method used by companies that have a customer support centre. To know that the service delivered to customers can achieve customer satisfaction, companies carry out IVR surveys using IVR survey software. As listening and responding to customers is crucial for any company to thrive, they carry out such satisfaction surveys where Interactive voice response survey helps. IVR survey technologies and the popular methods to carry out such satisfaction surveys. 

IVR survey technology is pre-recorded phone calls where customers can interact with an automated voice. This voice will give the customers pre-defined options to choose from and customers can make use of numbers to make their choices. Interactive Voice Response surveys can take responses via touchpads or even voice recognition technologies.

Interactive Voice Response survey technology can be used in banking payments, mobile purchases, services, weather updates, etc.  As these are pre-recorded responses, IVR survey software cuts the time required for customers to solve their queries as they don’t have to talk directly to an agent. 

Functionalities of Interactive Voice Response Survey Software:

  • Personalize your IVR message – IVR survey software lets you customize your message according to need
  • Use pre-recorded IVR survey message –you can pre-record messages so that actual interaction time is less
  • Collect information of callers who interact with your IVR survey software 
  • Automate customer support –IVR survey technology makes it easy to interact with customers
  • Value-based call prioritization –IVR survey software forwards the calls based on their values
  • Connecting calls to right agents –IVR software forwards the calls to the right agents
  • High call volumes –IVR promotes a high quantity of calls solving more customer issues
  • Enhance company image –this in return adds value to the company image

What are the benefits of an Interactive Voice Response Survey?

IVR survey technology allows companies to connect to their customers through automated pre-defined messages to which they respond. Let’s look at some benefits of IVR survey software:

  • Intelligent call routing

IVR survey technology can intelligently forward the calls based on the call history and agent they talked to, VIP calls to queue, etc. This helps reduce the waiting time, customer dissatisfaction. 

  • Support and Recovery

IVR customer satisfaction survey helps the most during peak service usage. You can automate answers to questions that are asked too many times. This will help give ease to the agents and can solve the majority of the problems with ease. In case of a disaster, IVR technology can have some pre-programmed option to enable which can route selected calls to the right agents. 

  • Customer Experience 

Poor automated services can frustrate the customer in turn spoiling the image of the company. IVR customer satisfaction survey takes care of this by keeping track of the customer query and safely passing them on to the agent if they need to talk to one. This lessens the frustration and query solving time. It also allows you to intelligently route calls based on their priority levels like how complex the query is, debt level, or even status. 

  • Customer satisfaction

Where the customer satisfaction score is important, it is vital to keep up with the IVR survey to be held after every interaction. These scores will help you get closure on customer satisfaction. IVR survey technology can reduce the number of hang-ups and drop calls. IVR can have an automated message informing the customer about the waiting time. This automated system can provide self-helping tools which can reduce the need for agents to customer conversation. 

  • Agent satisfaction

Just as customers, it is important to look out for the workload on the agents sitting to solve customer queries. IVR survey software provides text to speech phone calls that do not keep agents busy in mundane tasks and they call to devote their time to something complex and important. 

How does an Interactive Voice Response survey question looks like?

As we know Interactive Voice Response survey plays a vital role in understanding to what extent your services are being useful for the customers. Let us take a look at some common questions asked during the survey:

How easy it is to contact us?

This will directly give you the customer opinion on how efficient your IVR survey software is working. The customer can answer this question using a number scale like 1- being very poor to 5- being very good. The customer will then have to type a number between 1-5 to submit their response. Another option is to take their response through speech and then have a texted record.

How was your experience with our agent?

This will give you what customers think about the knowledge of the agents that are answering their questions. IVR software routes the calls to the agents depending on the customer queries. And the agents have to have adequate information on the field he is assigned to. Giving false, unclear, unsatisfactory answers to the customers can lead to their dissatisfaction with the services and ultimately lead to frustration. Keeping track of your agent knowledge through customer satisfaction can improve the way your IVR customer satisfaction survey works.

How should we improve?

Even though you think your IVR software works efficient, it is important to take feedback from the customers on what and how different things they want. There can be some confusing questions or answer options for them to choose from which may lead to wrong responses from their side. The improvements can be regarding the automated messages or the agents’ behaviours, etc.

Was your query solved?

This can be a simple question asked to customers after every interaction be it automated or with the agent. This practice can give you the frequency of the successful question solved through the IVR survey software.

How to improve Interactive Voice Response survey response rate?

Every business depends on customer satisfaction and what’s the best way than taking their feedback to improve your IVR customer satisfaction survey. Well, the more responses the better. Here are some best practices to attract more responses to your IVR survey:

The goal of the survey

Keep a clear understanding of why exactly you are conducting the IVR customer satisfaction survey. Figure what you want from your survey, and then design the survey accordingly. Try to list all the answers you want from customers and then frame the questions respectively.

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Specific questions

Keep the questions specific and to the point. Too many complex or long questions can be confusing. And we don’t want to draw the respondents away from the survey. The key is to respect the time of the audience and accordingly frame the questions.

Keep it short

Your IVR customer satisfaction survey should be short so that the customers don’t avoid or leave it halfway. As said earlier, the audience’s time is precious and you need to respect that. Break down the complex questions into simple ones. Keep the critical questions at first and less critical ones in the end.

Using right scales

After framing the questions it is time for the options. As it is a telephonic survey you cannot let the answers be long and very descriptive. Make sure to sure number scales with first and last number as extreme answers. Remember, the larger the scale you use, the more specific your answer is going to be.

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

Send time Optimization

Analyze the time of the day to release your IVR customer satisfaction survey. The trick is to send the survey when the customers can participate. This will mostly depend on your target audience.

Using simple language

Keep the language as simple and basic as possible to reduce confusion among the customers. This can increase their willingness to participate in your IVR customer satisfaction survey.

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Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

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Great Research
Fast Insights
Best-in-class ROI

Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries