How Does a Predictive Dialer Work?


How does a Predictive Dialer Work? how does a predictive dialer work
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When you call a client, there is nothing more discouraging than their answering machine. When using manual dialing equipment, businesses enter the phone numbers to dial. This process is incredibly inefficient because a lot of the numbers are frequently busy or unavailable. 

Predictive dialer software is not a recent innovation in the telecom industry. However, it’s surprising that not many companies are using this technology to boost the efficiency of their call center operations.

In this post, we will tell you about what a predictive dialer is. And how does a predictive dialer work?

What is a predictive dialer?

An automatic dialer, known as a predictive dialer, makes phone calls even before the agents are available. Calling as many leads as feasible is intended to boost agents’ productivity.

The system immediately moves on to the next lead when a call is unanswered. Conversely, calls that are answered are swiftly forwarded to the available agent. This ensures more fruitful discussion time, resulting in increased call center productivity.

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How does a predictive dialer work?

How does a Predictive Dialer Work? how does a predictive dialer work

Through agent availability prediction, the software creates a predictive dialer algorithm. The dialing speed for each agent is automatically adjusted by taking the following into account:

  • How many agents are on duty at the call center
  • Average call handling period
  • An average rate of abandonment
  • The ratio of connected to disconnected calls
  • Number of calls required to connect an agent with a live person
  • The typical interval between calls

The dialer dials a number on the list and waits for a live person to answer. Predictive dialing software instantly switches the call to a live agent when a real person answers the phone. 

It skips any busy signals or answering machines and calls the next number on the list. The dialer sets aside the unanswered numbers and reschedules them for a later attempt. 

Predictive dialer: Use case

We have learned how does a predictive dialer work; now let’s look at the ideal use case. 

Predictive dialers are frequently used in telemarketing, market research, debt collection, and customer service follow-ups, where they assist in managing the client database and systematically dialing clients. 

This shows that it is the best fit for a large team. The dialer makes multiple calls at the same time, and a large team ensures that you can keep up with the speed. 

To enable them to optimize the time they spend on the phone with leads, a predictive dialer also assists in intelligently allocating calls to available lead-qualifying agents.

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What are the features of a predictive dialer?

The knowledge about how does a predictive dialer work is not enough to make use of it. For that, you should also learn about its features of it.  

Numerous capabilities are included with predictive dialers that can help you shorten the time it takes to connect with your clients. The features of predictive dialers are listed below.

1. Pacing ratio

The pacing ratio describes how many numbers a single agent dials in a given amount of time. It reflects how many outgoing calls each agent makes.

If the dialing ratio, for instance, is 1:3, then 3 calls will be placed simultaneously by a single agent. Depending on the availability of agents and the quality of the data, the pacing ratio may grow or decrease.

2. Call conferencing or three-way calling

This feature aids in adding a third party when multiple calls are connected during a phone call.

The agent will dial the first number normally to begin a 3-way call. After the initial call has been answered, it places a second call to the number you want to connect to. 

When the first person is placed on hold and the second person picks up the call, you may easily link both lines by selecting the call conferencing option.

3. Campaign strategy

Due to the predictive dialer, call center managers can create many campaigns using the same login. Managers can quickly adapt marketing strategies to their needs.

Options for managing campaigns include pausing, removing, editing, and rerunning. Campaigns are developed to aid the business in achieving its specific goals.

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4. DNC administration

With the national DNC (Do Not Call) feature, telemarketing phone calls can be reliably reduced. DNC refers to a list of phone numbers that have been registered with government agencies to avoid receiving marketing calls.

As a result, the contact centers are restricted from calling DNC numbers and must pay steep fines to telecom authorities if they do.

So, how does a predictive dialer work this out? Even though the predictive dialer has the DNC management tool, which compares all the DNC numbers to the contact list. All DNC numbers are removed, and excellent free calling is guaranteed.

5. Calling with filters

To target a group, call center managers create numerous rules depending on time zone, location, or other factors. When a predictive dialer begins calling, it excludes certain numbers that don’t follow the predetermined rules. Getting focused and concentrated on results is beneficial.

6. Individualized dial time

Predictive dialers exclude numbers based on area codes and time zones because different countries have distinct time zones. Based on these characteristics, this feature guarantees a phone at a specified time.

The predictive dialer compares the contact list’s time, country, and area code, and then begins dialing the numbers at the most suitable moment.

These six features explain how does a predictive dialer work for call centers. 


A predictive dialer system is a certain way to boost productivity and efficiency at your company if you’re looking to modernize the operations of your outgoing contact center and lengthen the time your agents spend interacting with leads.

Predictive dialers are ultimately much more than the sum of their software, which is crucial to keep in mind as you look for the best software.

FAQs on How does a predictive dialer work?

A predictive dialer makes enough outbound calls to connect all available agents with active calls based on the predicted rate after using sophisticated algorithms to predict the percentage of callers who will pick up the phone. Managers and admins can put something into a true “predictive mode” and forget about it.

A contact center’s sales employees can save manually dialing hundreds or even thousands of phone numbers on their contact list by using an autodialer, also known as an automated dialer.

A predictive dialer “thinks” about how many callers it can connect to live agents at once, it is typically regarded as the most intelligent dialer kind.

Traditional auto-dialers support human agents by automating time-consuming operations and dialing the phone number in conjunction with software and voice modems.

Progressive dialers prioritize call quality whereas predictive dialers prioritize call volume. Predictive dialers are therefore best suited for contact centers that seek to maximize the reach of their agents. Progressive dialer vs predictive dialer.