Identifying how good your Product Experience is, is no small task. You need to be sure that you are offering the best possible product experience or risk losing your user base.

User research is the practice of putting what would likely be your end users in contact with your products or services to gauge their response.

By conducting user research, you can better understand how positive the average customer experience is and whether or not the product or service is performing as you intended. This can be invaluable for finding product shortcomings and targeting improvements. Another benefit of user research is that users can help you discover new ways in which your product can add value.

Here’s how User Research helps:

Prioritise which product features should be rolled out first.

Conducting product experience surveys to get feedback right from the potential user base is useful in identifying which features need to be prioritized.

Testing concepts & designs

Planning a revamp and not sure how well it’ll be received? Getting feedback via user research on new product designs before making any major investments in product development would be wise.
In such a scenario, get feedback from your existing users as well as your general target audience – you don’t want to alienate one group at the expense of another.

Product evolution

Gathering rich qualitative feedback (via phone & face to face surveys) might help glean insights which weren’t even being considered for eg. Arriving at a product feature or spinoff product/service existing users are willing to pay for or an existing pain point which is impacting user retention.

Perceived value

It’s one thing to have an idea of what your product should cost and another to know what value users assign to your product. Determining what users consider a fair price is a tough ask, but CATI and face to face surveys can really help map the customer’s mind effectively.

Product marketing

Marketing and Advertising are expensive necessities. Product experience surveys can help you understand how & where you should direct your marketing efforts to be more effective. They can also help decide which features should be highlighted in branding & marketing.

Product market fit

Your product may be successful in the market, but has it found the mainstream popularity you envisioned it with? Conducting user research via surveys such as CSAT and CES can help you gain insights into what your early adopters and new users truly feel about the product and its place in the market.

Get that Perfect User Interface

Getting user feedback via product research surveys is one of the best ways to chip away at your users’ frustrations with your UI and achieve an intuitive interface which satisfies even the most discerning customer.

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