Ensuring product success the right way1

Ensuring product success the right way


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Trying to sell a product successfully? Or Trying to make a successful market for a product? There is one thing that needs to be perfect (apart from the product, obviously) and that is; Packaging. This is the reason people say that ‘Packaging can easily make or break a product’. In addition to several aspects such as branding, pricing, advertising, value, efficacy, etc., the packaging is the one that can give optimum results. However, the desired results can be ascertained with proper customer research.

There are two types of packaging structure involved in the research; one is based on the material, functionality, and form of the product’s package container and the other involves the marketing and graphical elements of the product’s outside. In this article, we have highlighted the second packaging structure.

See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

Many brands sometimes tend to change the package graphics, however, it is best if done in a controlled manner. If you make too big changes such as changing the complete color scheme or the entire logo, it will certainly leave you with negative results. It is because your customers will find it difficult to spot their favorite brand on the shelf and get something from another brand. However, the brands who do product research well before implying these changes know the risk involved. Thus, if they choose to take this decision, it will be a wise and informed one. The process of making correct packaging design changes is a multi-level one.

To quickly short-list the initial designs, online research using market research tool can prove to be very helpful. It helps by displaying 10-20 designs to nearly 150 customers at the same time in an online survey. This will help bring their focus on 2-3 essential features and the company will get a response on around 30 designs.

Now, in the first stage, the number of designs short-listed will be screened down to half or two-thirds. It will provide the company with various feasible options still available. With the next stage, the available options will be screened more thoroughly to give you the most suitable options available. Many companies & brands sometimes directly move to the final stage of package and design testing to get the final results. If this suits the company and they get favorable results, it is okay.

Online customer research using online survey tools has proved to be an effective way to get logical feedback on package designs. The shelf-set testing performed in-person can be very expensive, requiring huge resource costs, and may also not be possible for every consumer. It is why people choose online customer research over shelf-set testing. However, some features that show the product’s chances to be successful on the shelf include:

  • Interest in Purchase: Based on the package, will customers buy the brand?
  • Attention: Are customers noticing the brand or the packaging?
  • Brand Fit: Does the package fit in the customer’s perception of the brand?
  • Package Expectation: What vibes does the package give to the customer about the brand?

To improve its screening capabilities, several other factors can also be used with a packaging survey like facial-action coding or eye-tracking. When some pricing effects need to be managed and assessed, companies may go for choice modeling. In situations like these, choice modeling works best to model the decision process.

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Ensuring product success the right way2

Also for an online survey, companies create simple mock shelf sets for customers to see packages competitively and make the selection wisely. Moreover, there are several ways to manage the package research and get the results. This is why it is always recommended to consult an expert in it who understands your needs and requirements and comes up with a technique or approach to fulfill your objectives, within your budget.

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

However, one thing to always keep in mind when making changes to your brand or logo is to do it in a controlled manner. It means the change should not be so, that it makes the customer forget the original brand/ logo and face difficulty adapting to the new one. This is why, the change should be governed, and for better results, a customer survey should also be done, before finalizing the new design. This is applicable also when you are thinking about the packaging.

Thus, if you have an already developed product range, or you are launching a brand new product, or you just want to renew the look of your brand, simply make sure to invest a little more time and budget competently, to get your designs checked and approved by your customers. It’s all for them ultimately, so better get it approved initially.

Good packaging of your product can take your brand to a whole new level of success. By investing a little time and budget, you can give your product a new identity, that will be loved by your customers. Get in touch with Voxco experts to make the most of your product experience strategies today! 

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