Customer experience is in the spotlight for most companies these days and for good reason – It is the final piece of the equation which separates a good business from the very best in any industry.

CATI surveys have a few attributes which are uniquely suited to getting insights that can drive positive changes in Customer Experience and make them worthy of consideration for any researcher looking to get a complete picture from a demographic. CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) has long been a staple for conducting research, and can generate data for researchers quite effectively. 

A few CATI benefits which are uniquely suited for gathering data to measure and improve CX:

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Remote Locations are not an issue

Nothing can tell you what’s on the customer’s mind better than the customer themselves, but in many cases it’s not easy to reach respondents – like in areas with poor internet connectivity.

CATI helps researchers mitigate that issue, as most people have access to a telephone or mobile, almost all the time.

Some advanced CATI Survey platforms can enable researchers to make adjustments to survey questions and parameters on the fly, rather than following a one size fits all approach. This approach allows for getting more accurate data about your respondent’s existing customer experience.

Low Sample size? No problem

In demographics where the sample size is small, interviewers can call multiple times until the respondent is reached or has time to take part in the survey, resulting in a lower drop-off rate and that all questions are answered.

The interviewer!

Perhaps the attribute that truly separates CATI from other survey techniques is the interviewer themselves. An experienced interviewer who is persuasive and attentive will be able to glean more accurate insights and dig deeper into threads that he or she may feel hold value – something that is just not possible otherwise.

You’ve gathered the data, analyzed it and gleaned insights from it as best you can – Now what you can expect?

Improved CX Metrics across the board

Getting survey data via CATI is likely to get you intelligent insights enabling you to target your respondent’s requirements far more effectively. This means better NPS® scores over time, increased customer engagement, a better bottom line and a loyal customer base.

Cati customer experience 02 scaled 1
Elevating Customer Experience with CATI customer experience

In-depth data when required

Sometimes, basic questions aren’t enough to generate the insights you need, and in those cases CATI Surveys allow researchers to conduct deep-dive research into interesting threads uncovered during the survey itself, getting you the “why” along with the “what”.

Cover more demographics

CATI allows researchers to cover any gaps in their target audience – what this means is that the data generated can help you build a more well rounded Customer Experience which covers a wide range of demographics, instead of you having to find that out through trial and error. 

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