DG Solutions Leading Player in Healthcare/Patient Care Research


DG Solutions Leading Player in Healthcare/Patient Care Research

D G Solutions – How this Healthcare veteran & Voxco partner grew their business by 4x in a single year!

The Client

DG Connections is the Healthcare Call Center segment of DG Solutions, an industry leader in data collection services. 

DG Solutions’ team has decades of experience  partnering with healthcare research organizations to provide high quality data collection in all modes of communication. They have an incredibly strong reputation with many regulatory agencies such as CMS, NCQA, HSAG, and RTI.

The Opportunity

As DGS expanded  their data collection modes to include call center services, it was critical for DG Solutions to pair up with a survey software provider that has a strong knowledge base — someone that would guide the learning and growth of the company. 

It was also important to make sure that the provider’s offering was versatile enough to handle the different demanding programs that they would run (all while ensuring regulatory compliance). 

As a cherry-on-top, they had to find a software that would also facilitate analytics and reporting of the data collected, as DG Solutions offers their clients regular, robust reports.

The Solution

With Voxco, DG Solutions has found the exact partnership they needed to propel their business forward. Not only has Voxco succeeded in being a true growth partner for them, their offering is also complete with each element DG Solutions was looking for — versatile capabilities, rock-solid support, and streamlined analytics.

Denise hindle

“With Voxco, we’ve really found that we can treat them as an extension of our own operations. They allow us to deliver top notch results for our healthcare research partners.”

Denise Hindle, CEO
DG Solutions

The Results

Since their initial investment just 2 short years ago, DG Solutions has expanded from 7 internal seats, to 30 seats, to a 200 seat full-on call center. This year alone, they have seen an impressive 400% in growth! 

In 2020, DG Solutions is looking forward to expanding their operations further, working to serve different slices of the healthcare vertical, like licensed staff health coaching, etc