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What is customer orientation?

Customer orientation refers to a practice where everyone in the organization puts the customers’ needs over the company’s. Businesses that are customer-oriented understand that their growth is based on delivering better customer experience and keeping the customers happy and satisfied.

Having customers as the center of your organization will make you understand how much customer support and customer service is important in determining the future of your organization. For such customer-oriented companies, customer experience can make or break the market image.

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Why do you need customer orientation?

To be straight, customer serving, and support doesn’t just add up to your customer experience. It directly benefits your revenue and market image in a way. So, let’s say being customer-oriented works out for both you and your customers. 

As a famous word out says, it is easier and cheaper, retaining the existing customers rather than acquiring new ones. customer retention, if increased by just 5% can boost your revenue by 25-95%

Being customer oriented not only helps you save revenue by retaining the existing ones, but also helps your brand earn a name out there in the market over how well you serve your customers and having maximum customer loyalty.

Customer oriented strategy key components

  • Customer feedback 

As an organization who is in touch with its customers regularly through product purchases, call center interactions, etc. you need to understand what the customers are thinking about all that. 

A proper customer feedback loop in place can goo miles for you and bring out the responses from customers that can really enhance your organization’s performance. 

You can ask for feedback regarding newly launched products, existing products, their recent query and how it was solved, their experience with customer service and support or overall organization performance.

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See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

  • Set goals based on the feedback 

Once you know what your customers have to say about your products and services, you can then act upon it. Understand what the customers are indicating towards and try to figure out ways to make that right about your company. 

It is important how you analyze your feedback data. With the right tools and techniques, you can organize your data in a right manner to display what things most of the customers are implying and what are the most common issues. Depending on that, you can prioritize your solutions based on urgency.

  • Listen to social media 

Customers these days influence and are influenced a lot by the social media presence of your brand. People discuss issues, review products, talk about customer service and purchase experience a lot on social media platforms. 

Listening to customers’ social media talk can alone give you enough insights as to what changes you need to make in your organization. 

  • Practice compassion 

Listening to the customer is important. What’s more important is how you respond to it. 

Customers are judging your service on every step of the way. One bad service experience and they tend to switch to the competitor brands. 

It is certain you don’t want that to happen in your case. Train your employees to treat customers with compassion and empathy. Teach them ways to handle different types of customers with the same patience and conduct. 

Afterall, true customer experience can be determined mostly based on their direct interaction with your brand in any way. 

  • Collaborate on customer’s behalf

The sales and customer support teams in your organization can work in sync with each other like:

  • Support team can give a lead to the sales team whenever people ask them about products and services.
  • Sales team can help the support team direct a customer call to a better agent with relevant knowledge on the topic. 

This way, customers can sit back and relax while their collaboration is being don’t on their behalf by the organization, giving them less trouble and better experience.

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