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Correlation coefficient excel


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Correlation coefficient is used to find the relationship between two variables and how strong they are. 

Correlation coefficient can be calculated using various mentioned methods:

  • By hand
  • Excel
  • Tl 83
  • SPSS
  • Minitab 

In this article, we will see a step-by-step guide on how to calculate correlation coefficient in excel. In the end we will see a shortcut method. 

Step 1: Enter your data in excel as given below

If you don’t have the “Data analysis” tool installed, follow the below steps to get it installed:

File > Options > Add-ins > Select the “Analysis ToolPak” > Go > Tick the “Analysis ToolPak” checkbox > Ok

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Step 2: Go to the “Data” tab and click on the “Data analysis” tool

Select “Correlation” from the opened dialogue box. And click on “Ok”

Step 3: A new correlation dialogue box will appear.

Select the columns of rows you want to add in the “inputs range” field.

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Step 4: Tick the “Labels in first row” checkbox and tick “Output range” and select a cell you want.

Step 5: Click on “Ok” and the analysis results will be displayed in the cell you selected for the “Output range”.

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Create an excel sheet using your data.

Select a blank cell you want to show your results into and put the following formula in the formula tab: =CORREL(array, array) and press enter. 

The field array refers to the range of the cells in which your data is for each sample 1 and sample 2.

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