Blended Call Center Solutions

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What are blended call center solutions

What are blended call center solutions?

Typically a contact center is either designed to handle inbound calls ro outbound calls. Their agents receive training that is aimed at maximizing calling efficiency with those two objectives in mind. This can create a problem for companies, as there WILL be scenarios where inbound contact centers need to handle outgoing calls and vice versa.

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What is a blended agent?

Blended agents are contact center agents who work with several channels. Originally this implied that blended agents dealt with both outbound and inbound calls, but nowadays blended agents are expected to handle customer interactions on SMS, emails, social media and more. In a typical scenario, blended agents can disconnect from a call and be tasked with dealing with an entirely different channel – like email. 

Blended call center solutions and agents are aimed at increasing organizational efficiency. When your incoming call queue has no callers in it, then your agents can be tasked with handling customers on other channels. This workforce optimization can be done with the help of omnichannel call center software.

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What can blended call center solutions help you with?

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Blended Call Center Solutions FAQs

Any call or contact center which enables its agents to make outbound and inbound calls along with dealing with customer concerns across multiple channels (sms, email, etc.) is a Blended Call Center.

Yes! A blended call center solution can help minimize agent idle time by allowing them to engage with customers on more channels, therefore boosting productivity.

Agents who work with blended call center solutions and deal with customers across multiple channels are blended agents.

Yes, indeed they do! Interacting with customers on multiple channels and touchpoints generates a lot of useful data which is ripe for analysis.

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