A Comprehensive Guide on White Labeling Your Surveys With Your Brand

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Imagine receiving a survey from a company with another company’s brand logo on it. You will most probably instantly lose credibility for the brand which will make you less likely to take the survey. In such a scenario, it is only natural for you to wonder whether the brand has even sent the survey themselves.

Moral of the story is that nothing feels more impersonal to your users than receiving a survey from you with another brand’s logo on it.

With Voxco’s best white label survey tool, you have the option to customize your surveys to match your brand in a flash for better survey response rates and results. You even have the flexibility to host the surveys on your domain and distribute them from there itself.

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Introduction: The power of a branded survey

Maintaining your brand consistency is not just limited to your website or social media. It is equally important for other platforms like surveys. Branding is what will make your business memorable for your customers.

With powerful branded survey options, you can create consistency in your branding, thereby preventing any confusions with your target audience. On top of this, you get to establish deep trust with them, which will ultimately increase the likelihood of not only getting more survey responses but getting honest feedback in your surveys.

Nothing tells your audience that the questions in the survey are highly personalized to them without any third-party bias like a branded survey does.

What is a White Label survey?

A white label survey allows you to make your surveys recognizable among your target audience by enabling you to have only your brand name and logo on your surveys.

It lets you leverage professional surveys without having to create them from scratch. You can simply remove all original branding from well-performing surveys and replace it with your brand identity. There you go!

Let participants know it’s you.

Whether it’s a custom URL, branded online report, or personalized PDF report, the magic tool to ask for is the white label survey tool.

The best while label survey tools allow you to remove the third-party branding from your survey and then rebranding it with your logo, colors, and theme. The end result? You have only your logo and branding on your survey that reflects your brand.

It’s a wonderful way to increase survey response rates since respondents recognize you and trust your brand.

With the best white label survey tools, you have complete brand control in the surveys you send to your users. Voxco’s powerful white label survey tools enable you to host the survey on your platform or easily embed it into your website to prevent redirecting your respondents to a completely different URL.

How does a white label survey work for your custom domain?

You can even customize the page at the end of your survey by including your personalized brand message to participants with a design that distinctly reflects your brand.

If you have a custom domain, here’s how a white label survey will work for you:

  • The third-party logo is removed and you get a personalized URL that retains your identity as a brand.
  • Next, you start building your survey and brand it entirely as yours.
  • You can now start distributing the survey right from your domain without any additional installation.

Your personalized survey will gather better and more honest responses from your participants.

Benefits of White Label Surveys

With a white-labeled survey, you no longer have to put in time and effort to actually code and design high-performing surveys from scratch yourself. Forget going through tests, troubleshooting and revisions in the survey-making process.

You can simply attach your brand to a refined survey and take credit for it. Your audience will only see your branding, not of a third-party. They won’t know whether you made it or someone else did.

White label surveys offer a myriad of benefits not only to your target audience but to your brand, too.

Here are the top 5 benefits:

Customer Experience

When your customers recognize your brand, you should actually ensure that it continues that way. With white label surveys, you can ensure that your customers recognize your brand when you send them a survey. This will enable them to feel more comfortable giving honest feedback.

Employee Experience

A professional brand consistency across all channels and documents is so crucial for your employee experience. With the help of the best white label survey tools, you can do so. Your employees are more likely to open your survey and actually complete it when they see your brand logo on the survey instead of a third-party’s.

Brand visibility

White labeling your surveys is a great way to spread your brand name and increase the visibility of your business, thereby improving your target audience’s awareness for your brand.

Brand loyalty

By white labeling outsider items that you’ve decided to add to your contributions, for instance, surveys, you can make them credible in the eyes of your customers. White labeling, thus, strengthens and increases the loyalty of your clients.

Quality work

White labeling helps you to take benefits of specialist work. All you have to do is find designers who have the skills to improve an item and pay them for the white labeling advantage. Walk away putting your brand name on their quality work.

Why Use Voxco's White Label survey tools?

Here are some of the best reasons why you must consider using Voxco’s white label survey tools:

Fully branded

Remove all references and original branding from your chosen surveys and replace it with your brand name, logo, colors, theme, etc.

Embed the questionnaire on your domain

If you don’t want to go mobile, Voxco’s best white label survey tools let you simply embed your questionnaire on your domain.

Engaging email options

Voxco doesn’t just offer the option to white label your survey but also your automated follow-up emails

Works across every screen

Your questionnaire will work well across every screen type and size, meaning that your survey will look its best in every situation.


Your survey is best when it is customized for your brand. White label surveys are a great feature for your brand visibility to flourish. The best white label survey tool lets you leverage professional, well-performing surveys without having to create them from scratch, at just a small part of the full price. Voxco has an abundance of helpful features in their white label survey tools.

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