Objectives of social research

Objectives of social research1

Objectives of social research SHARE THE ARTICLE ON Table of Contents What is social research? Social research is an approach adopted by sociologists and researchers to learn about people’s day to day lives and design the products that best suit their needs.  Studying different people from different backgrounds will give you various thoughts on one […]

Randomization in experimental design


Randomization in experimental design SHARE THE ARTICLE ON Table of Contents What is randomization in experimental design? Randomization in an experiment refers to a random assignment of participants to the treatment in an experiment. OR, for instance we can say that randomization is assignment of treatment to the participants randomly.  For example: a teacher decides […]

Exploratory Research Questions


Exploratory Research Questions SHARE THE ARTICLE ON Table of Contents What are Exploratory Research Questions? Exploratory research is a kind of research that involves investigating a research question that is not clearly understood or defined. This method of research is not used to obtain data that offers conclusive solutions or answers to the research question.  […]

Matched Pairs Experimental Design


Matched Pairs Experimental Design SHARE THE ARTICLE ON Table of Contents What is a Matched Pairs Experimental Design? A matched pairs design is a type of experimental design wherein study participants are matched based on key variables, or shared characteristics, relevant to the topic of the study. Then, one member of each pair is placed […]

What is Exploratory Research?

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What is Exploratory Research? SHARE THE ARTICLE ON Table of Contents What is Exploratory Research? Exploratory research is a research method used to investigate research problems that aren’t clearly defined or understood. It is important for researchers to clearly understand their research problem before trying to answer it so that they can determine whether or […]

Characteristics of Social Research

Characteristics of Social Research social research

Characteristics of Social Research Get your Social Research started with Voxco. Book a 15-min call with our experts. Schedule my Call SHARE THE ARTICLE ON Table of Contents How do you gain an understanding of human behavior? Their social life? Or the reason behind their action? Social research is the field that studies and explores […]