What is a Quasi-Experimental Design?

What is a Quasi Experimental Design1

What is a Quasi-Experimental Design? SHARE THE ARTICLE ON Table of Contents What is a Quasi-Experimental Design? In experimental research, units are assigned to an experimental group and to a treatment group. The treatment group, also known as the experimental group, receives the treatment being studied by the researcher. The control group, on the other […]

Descriptive Research Design

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Descriptive Research Design Voxco’s Descriptive Research guide helps uncover the how, when, what, and where questions in a research problem Download Free Descriptive Research Guide SHARE THE ARTICLE ON Table of Contents When conducting a study, researchers generally try to find an explanation for the existence of a phenomenon. They want to understand “why” the […]

Experimental Research


Experimental Research SHARE THE ARTICLE ON Table of Contents What is Experimental Research ? Experimental research is a scientific methodology of understanding relationships between two or more variables. These sets consist of independent and dependent variables which are experimentally tested to deduce a correlation between such variables in terms of the nature and strength of […]

Research Panel Management


Research Panel Management Transform your insight generation process Use our in-depth online survey guide to create an actionable feedback collection survey process. Download Now SHARE THE ARTICLE ON Table of Contents Panels are groups of highly suited individuals who are willing and capable of serving organizations with accurate answers to research questions. The kind of […]

Sampling Error

Sampling Error Determine the accuracy of your survey data Check Margin of Error SHARE THE ARTICLE ON Table of Contents In statistics, a sample refers to a subset of a larger population. The sample allows researchers to conduct their study on a part of their target population so that they can work with manageable data, […]

What is Field Research?

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What is Field Research? SHARE THE ARTICLE ON Table of Contents What is Field Research? Field research is an approach to qualitative data collection that involves observing the behaviour of individuals, groups, or organizations in their natural settings. Although there are many different social research methods categorized under field research, it generally always begins in […]