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Voxco Multi-Mode gives you many different ways to reach respondents. All the modes are part of a centralized platform. So no matter how you survey respondents, the data stays in the same place. The beauty of our tools is that you can build a system to meet your exact requirements today, or add components as needs evolve.

Greater efficiency for you

  • Unified Voxco solution.  Don’t fuss with multiple vendors, and only require your staff to be proficient in one system. Minimal training, less maintenance, and fewer headaches.
  • Collect data any way you want.  Voxco has one of the world’s most comprehensive suites of data collection tools: CATI, mobile, tablet, in-person, web, IVR, and in-app survey.
  • Integrate extra tools.  Voxco extras help you go further. Voxco Dialer helps drive call center productivity, and our dashboards will make your data shine.
  • Centralized survey authoring.  Save time re-programming questionnaires. Script your survey once and simply deploy across all modes.
  • Many modes, one database.  Simplify survey analysis and reporting. Responses collected via different Voxco data collection module are all stored in one database.
  • Save time and money.  Optimize your operations by centralizing data collection around one system.
  • Two hosting options.  You choose: deploy Voxco solutions in your own environment or host them on Voxco secure servers. If business realities change, no problem: you can also change your hosting environment.
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More choice means better participation.

  • Multiple modes in one study.  People want options. Script a core survey once, then let respondents decide by what means they want to answer.
  • Country-level options.  All countries are different, so not all data collection methods can be used everywhere. Voxco Multi-Mode enables you to run a centralized study using different survey tools and languages across countries.
  • Switch modes for sensitive subjects.  Respondents can be resistant to answering an interviewer on sensitive topics. Put them at ease by switching certain questions to a self-completion tool like Voxco IVR or Voxco Online.
  • Optimize recruitment.  Voxco Multi-Mode allows you to optimize each part of a study. Recruit hard-to reach individuals via Voxco CATI then switch to an Online survey, or vice versa. Or integrate Voxco IVR to support 24/7 self-completion.
  • Reach new respondents.  Engage with increasingly hard-to-reach demographic groups (e.g. Millennials) through new tools such as Voxco Mobile,  or Voxco in-app Survey.
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Voxco Multi-Mode allows us to take what would have once been very difficult, if not impossible, and make it easy. Large-scale projects with hundreds of seats involving difficult to reach populations with several data collection modes are easily handled with Voxco Multi-Mode.

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Kenyon Luce President

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