Voxco releases TCPA Connect for survey phone centers

In July 2015, the FCC redefined the TCPA as it relates to using autodialers to call mobile phones. It is now against regulations to use an autodialer to call US cellphones without express prior consent from the respondent.

Phone survey centers across the country are concerned about the potential loss of productivity and profitability that these new calling regulations will introduce. Profit margins are slim for most phone survey centers, and are based heavily on how efficiently interviewers can connect with respondents. Manually dialing respondents with a detached telephone is far less efficient than using a dialing software that seamlessly connects with the survey database.

“Since early in the TCPA discussions, our team has been working to develop a means for phone survey centers to better adapt to the new calling reality,” said Vincent Auger, VP of Sales. “This year we’ve released Voxco TCPA Connect to clients who are eagerly anticipating the regained productivity that will come with its implementation.”

Voxco TCPA Connect is a manual-dialing software that helps US phone survey centers better address the new dialing regulations. The solution allows legitimate researchers to regain lost productivity by letting interviewers use the integrated Voxco software to manually dial calls directly from the survey platform.

Voxco TCPA Connect offers four distinct manual-dialing deployment options that are variable based on each phone survey center’s situation, which can vary greatly based on data storage needs and the variety of respondent situations. Voxco has a technical overview document available via the TCPA Connect page on their website that highlights the benefits of each of the four deployment scenarios and their advantages over detached-phone dialing.

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