5 Unique Uses for CAPI Personal Interviewing Survey Software

Adding an interviewer to the mix for survey research is tremendously useful. We’ve discussed that before.

But thinking outside the box, what can personal interviewing tools help you achieve? The benefits of a flexible CAPI tool go far beyond just conducting face-to-face surveys. The power of an advanced mobile data collection software opens doors to dozens of potential uses for researchers. For example:

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Are personal interviews better than self-completion surveys?

We recently outlined the benefits of letting respondents complete surveys with no guidance from interviewers. Self-completion surveys are the most common method for quantitative surveys in the market research industry, primarily due to the cost and ease of deployment.

But what about interviewer-led quantitative surveys? What are the benefits to having a professional guiding respondents through a survey (face-to-face or via telephone) and recording their answers?

Here are a few reasons to choose interviewer-based surveys versus self-completion:

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Are self-completion surveys better than personal interviews?

As experts in multichannel survey software, we speak with people daily about which channels they use to run survey projects, and which channels they don’t use.

The primary difference between the most frequently chosen channels (online, telephone, IVR and face-to-face) is the presence of an interviewer. Two use interviewers, and two rely on respondents to navigate their own way through the survey.

So why do researchers choose one channel over another? Both have pros. And both have cons.

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4 Reasons Survey Organizations Choose On-Site Hosting

Most organizations across the market research industry have chosen cloud hosting for their survey data storage. For them, it’s easier to manage, easier to budget for, and secure enough for their needs.

But a core group are not prepared to jump to the cloud. For them, they choose to physically control survey data centers located on company property. And we’re very familiar with their rationale, since Voxco offers one of the few professional survey software platforms that is available on-premise.

So why is this portion of the industry sticking with in-house data hosting? Here are the four reasons we hear over and over again:

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Voxco Online v5.6 – Restructured Navigation

We’re excited to be managing a full roll-out across all of our SaaS servers that gives users access to the new Voxco Online (Acuity4) platform version 5.6.

The big news is that this version includes the release of Voxco Mobile Offline, our personal interviewing survey tool. It is integrated directly into the same platform as Voxco Online to maximize multichannel efficiency. If you’re interested in a demo, get in touch with us!

Even for online-only clients, there are a ton of new benefits to v5.6. This update integrates many client-requested updates to the overall navigation and layout of the platform. Here are a few of the biggest changes:

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4 raisons pour l’hébergement d’enquêtes à l’interne

La plupart des sociétés du secteur des études de marché ont choisi de stocker leurs données d’enquête en nuage. La gestion des données et des budgets s’en trouve facilitée et la sécurité est adaptée à leurs besoins.

Mais les groupes centraux ne sont pas prêts à passer aux services infonuagiques. Ils préfèrent contrôler physiquement les centres des données d’enquête, situés au sein même de leurs locaux. Et nous connaissons bien leur raisonnement, puisque Voxco offre une des rares plateformes d’enquêtes professionnelles qui proposent un hébergement interne.

Alors pourquoi cette partie du secteur en reste à l’hébergement des données en interne ? Voici les quatre raisons que nous entendons sans cesse :

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4 Most Important Factors in Survey Project Design

The bi-annual GRIT report was released by Leonard Murphy at Greenbook last week. As usual, it presents a very telling snapshot of the state of the market research industry. Which issues are important and which are less so. What is hot. And what is not.

The report surveys almost 1,600 individuals who work in market research, 80% suppliers (mostly from MR firms), and 20% buyers (clients). Some of the most interesting results come from the comparison of how both sides view the same issues.

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January Feature Updates

It’s still early in the year, but we are already making major updates to the industry’s most flexible survey software.

The beta release of Voxco Mobile Offline and its integration into the existing Voxco Online platform has triggered a round of updates packaged together as Voxco Online 5.6. This new version will further improve the intuitiveness of the navigation layout, and add a few new navigation elements that will improve user productivity. We’re communicating these changes directly with clients for now. We’ll update the blog on Voxco Online 5.6 and Voxco Mobile Offline availability very soon.

Along with the navigation improvements, we are also packaging a handful of additional features based on feedback from clients and our own internal team of survey experts. Here’s a list of the new minor features hitting with the release of Voxco Online 5.6:

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4 Gründe, warum sich Marktforschungsinstitute für das On-Site Hosting entscheiden

Die meisten Unternehmen in der Marktforschungsbranche haben sich für das Cloud-Hosting für die Speicherung ihrer Umfragedaten entschieden. Dadurch können sie diese einfacher managen und budgetieren, und dies ist für ihre Anforderungen sicherlich ausreichend.

Aber eine wichtige Gruppe ist nicht bereit, sich für das Cloud-Hosting zu entscheiden. Sie möchten Zentren für Umfragedaten physisch in firmeneigenen Einrichtungen kontrollieren. Und wir kennen ihre Gründe, da Voxco eine der wenigen professionellen Umfrage-Software Plattformen anbietet, die vor Ort verfügbar sind.

Warum bevorzugt also dieser Industriezweig das In-House Daten-Hosting? Hier erfahren Sie die Gründe, die wir immer wieder hören:

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2017: Market Research Industry Predictions

Lenny Murphy recently compiled the annual ‘Predictions about Insights & Analytics’ list on the Greenbook blog, in which he asks 40 industry thought leaders about the top market research trends and themes that will emerge/evolve in 2017. It’s a must-read for everyone in the industry.

Like good researchers would do, it’s most helpful to look at recurring trends in responses and extracting those as truths. Certain topics came up over and over again – and that helps give an idea of where the industry as a whole feels they should most be focusing on. There are two main throughlines that stood out when reading through the full list:

  • Polling pushback. Most worrying is the expected negative blowback thanks to dropping public confidence in polling associated with a string of notable failures through 2016. The spotlight will be on us – can we improve the accuracy of population-level predictions?
  • Automation technology. Automation technology, led by Big Data and AI, is going to affect almost every element of our industry. How can we embrace the automation side of data collection in a way that still shows off the unique value of an insights professional?

The trends noted above will most likely have the biggest impact on the industry as a whole. Here’s how it breaks down:

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