Celebrating 20 years in Paris: Voxco at Printemps des Etudes 2017

This year, we celebrate our 20th year in Paris. Our Paris office is a central hub for all of our European operations, supporting hundreds and hundreds of clients across the continent and into the Middle East and Africa. Team France is an essential part of our great success in the region.

So how do we celebrate 20 years? In style, of course; by giving back to the clients and friends who have made it all possible. And to make it as Parisien as possible, we’ve synchronized our celebrations with the Printemps des Etudes – the country’s premiere gathering for research and marketing professionals.

On April 20-21, 2017, we’ll meet over 2,500 event attendees in the beautiful Palais Brongniart. We’ll be there to celebrate, and hope you can join us! We’ve got a little something for everyone:

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En route pour le Printemps des Etudes 2017, Voxco fête ses 20 ans à Paris

Cette année, nous célébrons nos 20 ans à Paris. Notre bureau parisien est le centre névralgique de notre activité en Europe, avec une équipe de support travaillant pour des centaines de clients à travers le continent ainsi qu’en Afrique et au Moyen-Orient. L’équipe française est essentielle à notre succès dans la région.

Alors comment célébrer ce cap des 20 ans ? Avec style, bien sûr : en redonnant à nos clients et amis qui ont rendu tout cela possible. Et pour que ce soit aussi français que possible, nous avons décidé de faire coïncider cette célébration avec Le Printemps des Etudes – le rendez-vous annuel pour les professionnels des enquêtes et du marketing.

Les 20 et 21 avril 2017, nous rencontrerons plus de 2500 visiteurs dans l’enceinte du magnifique Palais Brongniart. Nous serons là pour célébrer et nous espérons que vous vous joindrez à nous ! Nous avons prévu des petits quelques choses pour tout le monde :

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Behind-the-Scenes with our Client Feedback Team

We have been making some of the industry’s most flexible survey tools for over 25 years. We’re always evolving our powerful multichannel platform, which includes launching new products, major releases, and regular maintenance and feature updates. Through it all, we’ve definitely become experts in the craft of survey software.

But savvy product managers know that there’s a gap between the knowledge that comes from creating and refining a product as a developer, and as an end user who is actively using it daily. To close that gap, our Voxco Online product team has long been tapping into the user perspective – what features do they need the most, how do they spend their time on the platform, what would they do differently?

Informally reaching out to users for feedback had always been happening, but just last year, our product team formalized a client outreach program that maximizes the impact of the feedback on the final product. The outreach has been invaluable; not just for our team, but for clients who could help shape the product’s development.

Now that it’s a formal part of our process, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our client outreach programs – how they work, and how much of an impact they have had on the online survey tools. Let’s take a peek under the hood:

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5 perceived pains of switching phone survey software

There are thousands of companies stuck using antiquated, non-intuitive phone survey software. That leads to frustration among survey creators and interviewers, which hurts the organization in a figurative way. The lost productivity from below-average hourly talk times caused by inefficient CATI and dialer systems is a far more real pain: it hurts the bottom line. Those two distinct pains usually serve as the catalyst to switch phone survey systems and start solving the problem.

Ironically, pain is also the #1 worry that organizations have that prevents them from taking the leap to a better phone system as well. Switching is expected to be a huge commitment, and a tremendous drag on time and resources to make it happen correctly. It’s that fear of pain that keeps them using the original CATI software and dialer, as much as it might hurt. For some, it’s an endless cycle.

So what are the perceived pains involved in switching telephone survey software, and how can you minimize the hurt, or avoid it altogether? We talked with the Voxco transition services team to find out why companies are so afraid of switching, and how the team minimizes the pain and maximizes the benefits.

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5 Unique Uses for CAPI Personal Interviewing Survey Software

Adding an interviewer to the mix for survey research is tremendously useful. We’ve discussed that before.

But thinking outside the box, what can personal interviewing tools help you achieve? The benefits of a flexible CAPI tool go far beyond just conducting face-to-face surveys. The power of an advanced mobile data collection software opens doors to dozens of potential uses for researchers. For example:

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Are personal interviews better than self-completion surveys?

We recently outlined the benefits of letting respondents complete surveys with no guidance from interviewers. Self-completion surveys are the most common method for quantitative surveys in the market research industry, primarily due to the cost and ease of deployment.

But what about interviewer-led quantitative surveys? What are the benefits to having a professional guiding respondents through a survey (face-to-face or via telephone) and recording their answers?

Here are a few reasons to choose interviewer-based surveys versus self-completion:

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Are self-completion surveys better than personal interviews?

As experts in multichannel survey software, we speak with people daily about which channels they use to run survey projects, and which channels they don’t use.

The primary difference between the most frequently chosen channels (online, telephone, IVR and face-to-face) is the presence of an interviewer. Two use interviewers, and two rely on respondents to navigate their own way through the survey.

So why do researchers choose one channel over another? Both have pros. And both have cons.

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4 Reasons Survey Organizations Choose On-Site Hosting

Most organizations across the market research industry have chosen cloud hosting for their survey data storage. For them, it’s easier to manage, easier to budget for, and secure enough for their needs.

But a core group are not prepared to jump to the cloud. For them, they choose to physically control survey data centers located on company property. And we’re very familiar with their rationale, since Voxco offers one of the few professional survey software platforms that is available on-premise.

So why is this portion of the industry sticking with in-house data hosting? Here are the four reasons we hear over and over again:

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Voxco Online v5.6 – Restructured Navigation

We’re excited to be managing a full roll-out across all of our SaaS servers that gives users access to the new Voxco Online (Acuity4) platform version 5.6.

The big news is that this version includes the release of Voxco Mobile Offline, our personal interviewing survey tool. It is integrated directly into the same platform as Voxco Online to maximize multichannel efficiency. If you’re interested in a demo, get in touch with us!

Even for online-only clients, there are a ton of new benefits to v5.6. This update integrates many client-requested updates to the overall navigation and layout of the platform. Here are a few of the biggest changes:

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4 raisons pour l’hébergement d’enquêtes à l’interne

La plupart des sociétés du secteur des études de marché ont choisi de stocker leurs données d’enquête en nuage. La gestion des données et des budgets s’en trouve facilitée et la sécurité est adaptée à leurs besoins.

Mais les groupes centraux ne sont pas prêts à passer aux services infonuagiques. Ils préfèrent contrôler physiquement les centres des données d’enquête, situés au sein même de leurs locaux. Et nous connaissons bien leur raisonnement, puisque Voxco offre une des rares plateformes d’enquêtes professionnelles qui proposent un hébergement interne.

Alors pourquoi cette partie du secteur en reste à l’hébergement des données en interne ? Voici les quatre raisons que nous entendons sans cesse :

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