Innovative business event combines online and on-the-floor attendee insights

C2 Montreal
The Customer

In five short years, C2 Montréal has established itself as one of the most innovative annual business events in North America. 2016 saw 6000 attendees from over 50 countries participate in 130 talks, panels, masterclasses and workshops that explore the relationship between commerce and creativity. The event’s speakers include thought leaders like Martha Stewart, James Cameron, Michael Eisner, Richard Branson, and Chelsea Clinton.

The Challenge

Innovation comes with continual challenges: each year, the event team updates a significant portion of the event’s essence to maintain their spot at the top of the industry. But what elements should be updated? In years past, post-event online surveys gauged attendee feedback. However, the C2 team used a lower-end DIY survey platform to create the surveys; it limited their ability to create engaging, branded surveys and it didn’t allow for advanced logic that would skip irrelevant questions about talks and days respondents hadn’t attended.

And relying entirely on post-event surveys only provided the team with one type of feedback. They were missing out on attendee concerns and compliments as they happened – any concerns could be immediately addressed, and compliments could be emphasized. Live attendee feedback was a big gap in the C2 team’s past DIY solution. The team needed a survey technology partner who could capture multichannel feedback that reflected their core brand.

The Turning Point

Starting in 2016, C2 Montréal partnered with Voxco to get a more well-rounded level of insight into attendee event satisfaction. Voxco Multi-Mode offered C2 the ability to collect both post-event feedback online, and in-the-moment attendee feedback during the event, all via one central platform.

Post-event, an online survey was sent to all attendees to collect feedback that could shape decisions for the next year’s C2 event. The online survey was a seamless continuation of the C2 brand image (see below). The C2 team focused on question wording and tasked the Voxco Professional Services team with integrating the C2 Montréal 2016 branding, as well as developing an advanced logic that would keep respondents moving dynamically through the survey.


During C2 Montréal 2016, volunteers walked the event site with Voxco mobile offline surveys on their tablets. They asked attendees about their satisfaction with key event interaction points, including on-location dining experiences and the helpfulness of the on-site customer service reps.

The volunteers had to be up and running with minimal training – and Voxco Mobile Offline was intuitive enough to get interviewers collecting attendee feedback from the very first day. To enable C2 to act on this new feedback stream, Voxco set up both a live dashboard for a snapshot of real-time results, and an email alert system that notified the team of any ratings or comments that required immediate attention.

The Results

Prior to 2016 and their partnership with Voxco, the C2 team was using a lower-end DIY survey tool to survey attendees post-event. Using Voxco Online, 2016 saw double the number of total responses received over 2015, driven by an improved response rate and completion rate of their engaging new online survey.

Plus the team added an all-new feedback channel via on-the-floor mobile interviews with attendees. This gave them an in-the-moment snapshot of attendee mood, and the 2016 results have motivated them to increase the focus of on-location feedback in next year’s event.

« Our collaboration with Voxco was a big success. The better design and logic of the online survey had a tremendous impact on this year’s higher completion rate, and the tablet surveys offered a valuable new feedback channel for us to monitor. The Voxco team was extremely efficient and reactive to our needs, which is exactly what we want in a technology partner. We look forward to our continued partnership with Voxco for future events! »

Pierre Noinski, Director of Participant Services
C2 Montréal

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